January 14, 2010

Need to Carry Camera at all Times!

So this week for Thankful Dogs on Thursday (like that?) it has occurred to me that I really need to carry the camera with me at all time.
I'm digging nature - Sunday I was driving West on 196th - a major road and the Olympic mountains were stunning. Snow covered, craggy - just jaw droppingly beautiful. I admired them the entire time I was driving.
So instead you get branches from the contorted filbert in our yard. These twisted branches are often used in floral arrangements. The tree in our yard needed to be pruned and I've wanted the twisty branches in the house for some time. The vase JB found at a consignment store and the loved it. I think it looks fabulous sitting on the desk in our sitting room. So that's one of the things bringing me a smile this week. Also - these bone heads! It's a good thing bread stuffs aren't bad for them. On Wednesday I take the bus to Great Yarns for knitting. Since I don't have my car - JB drives up and picks me up with knitting group is done. He generally feeds the dogs and leaves them in the house - normally he's gone for about an hour total - tonight it was closer to 2 hours and somebody (I don't know and they aren't telling) helped themselves to a 6 pack of muffins on the counter. All that was left was the wrapper.
I know what else brought a smile to my face. Wednesday when I got off the bus at knitting, I practically walked right into the umbrella of a guy walking by. Neither one of us was really paying attention. We both said excuse me and then he offered to walk with me so I could be under his umbrella. It was a big golf sized umbrella and we had a nice little visit the block and half or so. Good manner from a young man - makes me smile.


  1. Kudos to umbrella man! Love that shot of the big hounds. You know, bassets have an incredible reach when food is involved, so I hope you haven't ruled out the short hounds just because they're short!

  2. Counter surfing is a way of life here. Bailey has the longest stretch, but Samba is the fastest. Last week I turned in time to see Norma Jean walking out of the kitchen with a bunch of bananas in her mouth and her sisters following.

  3. It's nice that the pups don't tattle on each other.

    When I was coming back from a doctor visit the other day, a 50-ish woman was pushing her dead car out of the middle of an absurdly busy intersection. Out of nowhere a young hispanic guy in bright red sweat pants with the crotch at his knees came racing over to help her. I would never have expected it. So there may still be manners amongst the members of the younger generation besides your kids and mine!

  4. Ah, the muffin hounds strike again! (You don't live on Drury Lane, do you? Get it? Drury Lane? That's where the Muffin Man lives. Get it? Hee!)

  5. I agree with you about carrying the camera with you. I have started the practise as well. Don't you wish common courtesy was the norm and not the exception? We would be smiling all the time!

  6. See, thanks to you and Chan, I've been keeping my counters very clean for the past week. LOL

    What a nice gesture to share his umbrella with you. Make sure you pass the kindness on. :-)

  7. Very cool to have had an umbrella shared with you. Those houndies, always finding a way to get themselves into trouble... gotta love them!


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