January 3, 2010


So - one of the things I wanted to get done this long weekend was to update my blog. Update the photos in the header adding photos of the three things I blog about most - The dogs, knitting and sewing. Obviously - that only partly got done. I did change the background, but I couldn't figure out how to get the photos into the little boxes in the header template. I sent a frantic email to Angie - [but since my kid (The Musical One) and her friend updated my desktop I can't copy and past into blogger anymore - so no links!!] asking her for help adding the photos to the template - because see how cute her header is? Yea - I want mine to look like that.
I recently found a new blog (again no linking) of a woman who knits, sews, is very organized and uncluttered. She chooses a word of the year and focuses on that word all year long.
This year I believe my focus is going to be on kindness - in all it's many forms. I think I do a fairly good job being kind to others although I will say that I'm failing at that at my job lately and that needs work. But really - I'm not very kind to myself. I believe that kindness will bring many rewards.
So - I will continue trying to figure out how to update the header and make the links work on the desktop again. However, I won't be doing a year in review. Trust me when I say I knit alot, I talked about the dogs, and while I talked and dreamed about sewing - there wasn't much of it being done.
Happy 2010 everyone - may the new decade bring all you desire.


  1. Dear Gaylen,

    You are so very kind....a good word to talk about in 2010. You won't have a bit of a problem!

    Love ya,
    Shelley & crew

  2. I'd like to jazz up my blog, too, but I'm afraid I'll hit the wrong button and lose everything I've done.

    Kindness is a good goal.

  3. You're awesomely kind!! I can't imagine you being kinder. You're amazing!

    Ok, I'm looking at the template now and trying to decipher size! Just keep in mind, I started with a 3-column template and rewrote the code. I didn't use a premade background image like this one. (Well, the dots ARE an image, but I made that in photoshop, HA!) It sounds complicated, but actually its somewhat easier since I made up the dimensions of everything, so its easier for me to make stuff fit!

    I'm geek babbling. :P

  4. laughing at Angie's comment about "geek babbling". heehee I do that, too.

  5. i think that is my all-time favorite photo of Beau. he is the world's biggest goofball!!

  6. I'm with Jess on that picture of Beau being classic! I love that dress, too, and I know that you knit a lot - even socks for me! Everyone who knows you has doubtless benefited greatly from your kindness. Hope the first work day of the new year is kind to you (and I hope it's not 14 degrees for your walk from the bus, like it is here).

  7. They're all right you know... you are very kind, that picture of Beau is dear and funny...

    But the no linky thing sucks. Not for me, because somewhere in my reader lives that same blog, but still... I know it's making you nuts!

    I'm already feeling challenged by my word and 2010, but that's the point, right?

  8. I think we are all our own worst enemies sometimes. :) Good challenge for yourself, you'll feel better for doing it.... you go girl!

  9. An excellent word for 2010, though I think you underrate yourself. Being kind to one's self is more difficult than it sounds....and it is what I'm focusing on this year. I have dreams to fulfill....


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