January 28, 2010

Dogs on Thursday - PM Edition

Here's my pair of little love bugs. Doesn't poor Abby look old? Funny thing - Dudley is older.
He's still screaming at me for making him miss a meal last Friday. But he's off all pain meds only taking antibiotics at this point. He's doing great. He's loving peanut butter on cheese its so much he isn't even spitting his pills out.
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Hey Mom - let me talk! See last week mom took dad to the dog store and they brought lucy back a new cute hedgie.
Well today she broke it! I love it when she breaks her toys because then she lets me have them with out yelling at me. Here's I am trying to bite his feet off and get to his yummy center!
---- Beau Regards!


  1. Peanut butter on Cheezits? Sounds like a good breakfast! Yumm!

  2. SNOL!!! Love you, Beau. And I think bassets with whiter faces look older, faster. Fred never looked too old, but Sherman, the tri-color up the road, is looking a lot like Abby, and he's a bit younger than she is!

    Please ask JB to slip Dudley an extra treat from me, and another from Sissy, just because hunger pains in a basset are a TERRIBLE thing. (And of course, if he gets extra treats, everyone else does too...)

  3. I love peanut butter on cheeseits! LOL Your pups are so dang cute! :)
    I'm glad Dudley is feeling much better!

  4. Just catching up a full week's worth of reading.

    Glad to see Dudley's on the mend. Alex went for her followup on Thursday. She's all healed up and the vet was very happy with his work!

    Boy - it looks like you had a fabulous mail week. Need yarn ? Of course you do ! Love that orange :-)

  5. Tell Dudley to keep being a good boy and taking his meds. :-)

    Love that pic of Beau and his toy.

  6. Abby's white face is pretty, and Thor would like your recipe for peanut butter on cheese. He is pretty sure Patrick would make that for him to no end! Thor takes the squeakers out of his toys - I think despite his big mouth, he doesn't like fat toys - and then he totes them around to no end. Friday when I got home, I was gifted with all of Thor's toys. I felt special!

  7. Breakfast of champions! lol Love the pics!

  8. Poor Beau gets the leftovers. Tell Mom to get you a nice new toy of your very own.

  9. Old or not we still think you're all looking wonderfully adorable!

    Happy Valentine's day!

    Licks and wags

    The Dog Woods Pack


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