January 4, 2010


Yesterday, I posted about a word for the year. I read about the concept at Myrna's space and she links to the woman who first came up with the concept. The word I chose is Kindness and while I absolutely appreciate all the words of support - I did not intend for yesterday's post to turn into a love fest for me.
By Kindness - I mean kindness toward myself. While I have no trouble extending kindness to others, I have hard time doing the same for myself. For example - the photos. They are from this year's gingerbread house display at the Sheraton. They hold one every year and the houses are themed and fabulous. This year the theme was Holidays in the Movies. Well, you are thinking obviously I went - where does the kindness come in? And you're right, I did go on Christmas Eve, after I got off work at 2:00. The entire time I was standing in line (50 minutes) I was thinking of all the other things I needed to be doing in preparation for the holiday. I enjoyed the seeing the houses and loved them all. Max as you can imagine (from Grinch Who Stole Christmas) is one of my favorites.
I also really enjoy "It's a Wonderful Life" and it's a family tradition that we all sit down and watch on Christmas Eve. Well really I curl up on JB's lap and sleep through half of it - but I can recite the lines where ever you wake me up - so it's all good.
So - more on kindness - for me it's about me. I find when I bring my focus in then I'm able to do so much more for others. I don't know why - but it does seem to work that way for me.
So - as they year progresses, I will attempt to be kinder to myself. Treating myself to my favorite healthy snacks or stockpiling my favorite lunch soup when it's on sale and not feel guilty that there are 24 cans of soup in my garage - it was bought on sale and I will eat it.
I will be kind to myself when I spend the weekend making skirts, measuring, trying one, fitting and fine tuning, only to have them be too large when they are finished. Right now the way I handle it is to kick myself and ask how can I be so stupid?
I will be kind when I have a list of things I *should* get done and don't get through it all. And in the name of kindness - some days I will even list *hobbies* ahead of housework.
So - thank you all for your words of kindness and I ask you throw it back in my face when you comment on something and I respond with un-kind words about myself. I know I do it and some of you know it to as you've heard it. So, if you don't mind, please give gentle reminders and help me reach my goal. Happy New Year - 2010 is good so far.


  1. I would have loved to see all those Gingerbread houses & stuff! I often feel guilty for playing when I know there are chores to be done.... I should work on that too!

  2. Sometimes we are our own harshest critics. And sometimes you need to give yourself your own verbal kick in the butt to get motivated. But I applaud your effort to cut yourself some slack! Happy second day of new year work!

  3. We've talked about this before. It's too easy to pile on the 'should haves' and to carry around blame and guilt, but we've got to get out from under all that stuff and allow ourselves to grow and have fun and fail and all those things we allow others to do.

  4. I totally agree and need the kick in the pants too. Every once in awhile, it really doesn't hurt to place yourself first, and you'll feel better for it. Count on me to remind you. If you could do the same, I'd be grateful.

  5. I'm sorry, I'm stuck on the full-screen version of the first photo, zoomed in on the red hound with the long ears and the even longer tongue - on a GINGERBREAD HOUSE!!

    Some wise woman once told me "You can't give from empty." ;) I think if you just follow your own advice, you'll have a great year.

  6. Girl you are one of the kindess ladies I know "to others". I understand what you are saying though and I just wanted to say that . . . . "I'll be watching you this year to make sure you keep your WORD" ;-).

  7. The care of the care giver is highly overlooked. It's only when we first practice self care that we recharge our batteries and have the energy to care for those we love. And then it ripples. You go girl!

    - Myrna


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