December 10, 2009

We Interrupt


our normally scheduled Dogs on Thursday to bring you a public service announcement. My mom said I should stop by and tell you all about
it's a website where you can find coupon codes. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't
but Mommy was able to get 15% off her total order at
and Thor's Momma saved $5.
Happy Shopping!
(don't forget to add the dogs to you list)


  1. And the summer dog was so much happier than the winter dog is, anyway, right? I was really happy that you told me about it!

    Happy DoT!

  2. Thanks! Since I won't be doing any more "live" shopping - so I say now - all the better to have online perks.

  3. Super, we'll take a look at it. We already use Ebates. We get a quarterly check in the mail with our rebates. Nice!!

  4. I got 20% off of my snow boots and free shipping from coupon codes from this website.. Abby's the best shopper dog there is!


  5. just stopping over to announce i may in fact be back from the dead. hope you are well. i'm off to procure a bacon sandwich. ww is hell.


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