December 3, 2009

Seriously? Dude!!

Last weekend - as my vacation was winding down - I finally got my arse down into the studio and made some new skirts.
I wore the first one yesterday and when I got home from knitting last night. I asked JB to take some photos so I could blog the skirt. While I was working in the kitchen and JB was taking photos - Beau did what he does almost every day when I get home from work.
Walked right up to me and stuck his head up my skirt. Seriously? Dude!!


  1. I'm happy my dogs are less than a foot in height. :o)

    Skirt looks great!

  2. Noah does that too. I have to keep my eye on him when we have company. They also like to accompany everyone to the bathroom. People who aren't as dog oriented as we are can get a bit nervous about it.

  3. He's just checking to make sure that's you. :-)
    The skirt looks great!

  4. Count on Beau to make you laugh!

  5. Sissy is the first dog I've had in many years with the height to do such... and of course, she does.

  6. ROFLMAO!!!!!!

    Sorry, just couldn't help myself. :)

  7. what a GREAT picture!
    and what she doesn't tell you is JB pretty much does the same thing. :)

  8. Is that a flowered lining on that skirt? Way cute!

    And seriously, dudette, hes just saying hi to his mama!


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