December 29, 2009

Lookie What I Got!

Knit by The Princess

Yarn: Road to China Light

It's was her first "real" lace project and it's lovely. Soft, beautiful, wonderful knitting.

Couldn't ask for a better gift - now if I could just get cool enough to wear it!!


  1. Wow, G! The Princess did a great job!
    Wanna be cold enough to wear it.....come to NC

  2. really beautiful come to NJ its pretty cold here!

  3. WOW!! That is AMAZING! She did a beautiful job, i am so impressed!!
    I remember when she was picking out the pattern!! Awesome job girl!

  4. It's FREEZING here. LOVE the color. Way to go, Princess!

  5. That is beautiful! The Princess did a wonderful job, and that's a great color, too.

    It was 11 degrees here yesterday. You could have worn it with no problem!

  6. The princess did a fabulous job!!! Gorgeous!

  7. How awesome! I know it means a lot to you. :-)

  8. That is fantastic! I love the color and love the design. She did a wonderful job!


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