December 18, 2009

Done and Done!

Wednesday night I finished the knitting on the lime green stocking. Thursday night I braided the cast on tail and the a few other strands I added to make the hanging loop and tassel. I need to get some better photos. Here they are hanging from my "mantle." I refuse to put them in the living room where the tree will be because the mantle in that room is simply a 2X6 above the fireplace. Then we hung the plasma over it. Plus I have long wanted a set of 4 stocking hangers - I finally found one and everyone is grown. Looking at the stockings together I don't care for the lime. While the colors all looked great in hanks sitting together - I think the lime is too bright for the others. Now to finish Christmas. UGH! Hope your holidays preparations are merry and you are enjoying the season. I feel like I'm running around like a chicken these days.


  1. I agree, the lime is a different hue than the others. They turned out very nicely and I'm sure everyone will be very pleased with them. Did you make some for the houndies?

  2. The lime's a bit too bright, eh? They look great though! Congrats!

  3. They do look good, and if you don't like the lime, you can always make another next year! Glad to see you got them finished. I know the headless chicken feeling. The girls are coming home this weekend, and I'll have to rely on them to finish shopping for the big boys, because I'm fresh out of ideas. (It's always easy to shop for girls, isn't it? Cute shoes, cute tops, cute purses...kinda like shopping for yourself!)

    Next year's project: Tell JB to dress up that 2x4. I can send him a picture of a mantle that didn't really exist when we got here for inspiration!

    Have a great weekend. Don't run around too hard.

  4. I think they turned out great! I can't believe you got them done so fast, I'm in awe. :)

    And I'm right there with you on the running around like a looney. LOL

  5. I think they look wonderful! Well done! Jason said he would like me to make some for next year. if i get started now, i MIGHT finish them in time! ;o)

  6. Well,yes, the lime is quite bright but they do all look great. I can't imagine doing them that quickly !
    I know that chicken with cut-off head feeling - enjoy !

  7. They all look very pretty. And done in time for Christmas, too. :-)


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