December 22, 2009

Christmas Questions

There is a fun little set of holiday questions going around the blog world and since I haven't done much sewing - I felt like playing along. Have you started your shopping? Yes. I tend to be one of those really annoying people who do a lot of my crafty stuff really early - like January. Then I try to shop all year - when I see something I know somebody will like I pick it up. The problem I have these days is that I can't remember what safe place I put the gifts in. What is one of your special traditions? Every year on Thanksgiving we start a jigsaw puzzle. It's a family affair and everyone who's at the house has to help. The only condition is that the puzzle have Santa in it somewhere. Are you a Black Friday shopper? No! I've gone maybe once or twice. But really I hate crowds and I'm just not that into it. When do you put up your tree? Since we starting having a "live" tree about 5 years ago, we purchase our tree early in December, but it stays outside with lights until around the 23rd.
Do you travel at Christmas or stay home? Well last year we travelled and this year we are staying home. I like being home - it felt weird to not be home at Christmas - didn't feel very Christmassy at all. What is your favorite Christmas movie? I love "It's a Wonderful Life" and make my family watch it on Christmas Eve every year. I also really enjoy all three of The Santa Clause movies. Do you like Christmas baking? What is your favorite? I don't bake. I cook, but I do not bake. JB is the baker in our house. He's good - but he doesn't do Christmas baking. I will occasionally make a whack of mini loafs of quick breads, but that's about it.
Do you have a fake or real tree? Not only do we have a real tree, we have a living tree - in a pot with feet and everything. After Christmas JB plants it in the yard. I think I'm going to start leaving ornaments in the tree with the year on them.
Are you wrapping on Christmas Eve? Yep! Generally I pass off everything to JB - except what's for him. I'm a horrible wrapper - because really I just don't care. JB loves pretty packages with beautiful bows and enjoys doing it - so I let him have the pleasure. What is your favorite Christmas music? I love, love, love - Garth Brook's album Call me Clause. It's lovely. My favorite songs - Carol of the Bells. Hands down every time. As others I've seen answering these questions - I've put in photos of some of my favorite Christmas decorations. The little snow puppy over there? It's an old starbucks ornament. I love it. There's a snow man walking his snow puppy. I had to move it away from bloodhound lips because Lucy thought it was new dog toy I put out for her. Isn't the dog eating a puppy a form of cannibalism?


  1. A huge hugs with my regards....merry Christmas to all.

  2. In my family my Grandfather did all the wrapping. My Grandmother didn't enjoy it much, but he loved making up pretty packages. He taught me.

  3. I want that puppy. I shall have to sic the Knight on eBay. He's bought me ONE present, and I was there to try it on, so I happen to know he still has room to find an old snow dog ornament on eBay...

    You've heard me mourn the loss of so much of my former self; the wrapper is another. Up until two years ago - the wreck - I LIVED for three parts of Christmas - music, baking, wrapping. My half-sis, stepmom and I would try to out-do each other with fancy-schmancy packages. Stepma moved to Florida and doesn't venture to VA except in July, and the magic was lost.

    This year, I'm shoving crap - er, gifts - in bags, and they'll be lucky if I tie 'em shut.

  4. My girls are making Christmas cookies this morning. I am hiding, because they are a whole lot of hullaballoo. Seriously. I guess that's what comes of 3 sisters in 4 years. Fortunately, the cookie stealing brothers are asleep, so that's a riot not occurring. I like to wrap presents, but I'm passing it off to others this year, since my standing time is limited. The boys and Thor finished our tree last night, so they're happy!

    Merry Christmas, G and JB!

  5. Love the Santa ornament !

    Merry Christmas to you & your family !


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