February 25, 2009

Weekend Knitting

So this is what I worked on during my long weekend of visiting family. I employed my strategy of bringing my knitting into restaurants to keep from eating too much - it worked occasionally. First up - Happy Socks for JB, basic toe ups, 2x2 ribbing on the top, after thought heels. When we started the weekend I was barely past the toe box, now the waste yarn is in for the heels. These were easy to work on while we were going over the pass - no pattern to pay attention to. Unfortunately these do not count toward my 12 pairs from stash yarns.

Next - another pair to be gifted Christmas 2009. These are a learning process. They are the strong heel which is a top down heel and is new to me. It was designed to let self-striping yarns continue their striping. I had just started the increases when we left. I have now finished the decreases and completed half of a pattern repeat down the foot. The pattern is 6 stitches and 8 rows. These are stash yarn so they are pair 3 toward the 12 pair goal. Finally, a stretch to get these to count toward the 12 pair goal. I have been wanting to try the Red Heart Hear & Sole sock yarn. I know, but still. A week or so ago it was on sale at the local buy everything here store - buy 2 get 1 free. So I bought 4 balls, but not for myself. I sent it off to friends. Since my goal is to use yarns from stash or not actually purchase any new yarns - I'm counting this because technically it was free! I'm doing something new on this pair. I cast on way more stitches than I normally do so the toe box looks really wide. I started with 24 stitches on each needle. I increased every row to 36 stitches and then every other row to 44 stitches. I've just started the straight rows. I'll use the toe-up, slip-stitch heel and gusset and do a little picot hem at the top. These will be dropped into the purse for downtime knitting since they are so thoughtless. So - lots of driving and downtime, but not much to show for it.


  1. Hey G! Looks to me like you got quite a bit of knitting done. Guess it depends on who is measuring. I love those pink striped socks. That yarn is really pretty.
    You sound pretty good. Hope you are feeling that way.

  2. I'd be afraid of spilling something on my knitting at a restaurant. I can knit while watching tv, but it's harder for me to concentrate when I'm trying to carry on a conversation at the same time.

    Are you feeling better?

  3. Go socks, go! I want to hear/see more about the strong heel. Sounds great!

  4. They look great. Where did you find the heel pattern for the self striping yarns?

  5. I thought we were sworn to secrecy about that there Red Heart yarn that's Really Not Bad. at all. really. you look like you had a productive, if not enthralling, jaunt through the wilderness. Once I'm done coughing up lungs and such, I'm casting on my loverly 'green with envy' sockies. I'm wearing 'em to Forks!

  6. You're making a good bit of progress. :-) I fell off the wagon with the Pilsen colorway.


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