February 3, 2009

Velveteen Friends

The Internet and the world of blogs is a wonderful place. I started my blog so that I could comment on a friend's blog. Then I started being more productive with my sewing. Then I started blogging my knitting (which has now taken over my life), and my dogs. In expanding my topics - I have met many new friends, I have planned vacations specifically to meet "friends" I do not know. This thought has been running through my head for awhile.* Virtual Friends are like The Velveteen Rabbit. They aren't really real - you can't stop by for a cup of coffee or give them a hug at knit night. However the relationships we build - they start by leaving comments, responding to those comments, sharing emails, phone calls, and letters - are very real. Our Virtual Friends are loved we wish them well on their birthdays and anniversaries. We worry about them when they are dealing with tough times in life. We call them when we have our own stresses and they know exactly what to say. So thank you all for becoming "Real" in my life. Hopefully I will be able to plan a vacation to meet you too. *A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a blog where the writer was talking about having just put her beloved dog of many, many years down. She was telling of what a lovely wonderful dog it was and how her family had loved the dog so much it became real - it was a real member of her family and putting the dog down was like burying a child. I sobbed while reading that entry. I commented and had an email conversation with the author. I thought I had saved her to my favorites - but now I cannot find her.


  1. Love that analogy, but you already knew that... ;)

    Thanks for being my REAL friend too.

  2. How many times did you watch the Velveteen Rabbit with your girls? I think I clocked a million watchings with my 9, and never tired of it. I am glad you're a Velveteen friend, too; I look at your family picture and just smile at you and the hounds!

  3. How true, Gaylen. I couldn't have said it any better! How wonderful that our real virtual friendship is now also based in real life! I'll never forget New Year's Eve & Day 2009! Hugs to you and your whole pack!

  4. Wonderfully said and so true! Thanks once again for your perfect words.

  5. Very well stated, G! I consider you one of my very special bloggy friends.


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