February 18, 2009

Sewing in my Brain

The other day while bopping around online, I ran across this very cute skirt designed by AnnaMaria. Ya'll know I love crazy print skirts, but I need some more solids. So, I'm been mulling this over in my mind - for days now - seriously! I have made Simplicity 5914 enough times now that Carolyn would call it a tried and true (TNT) pattern. (She will be so proud reading this - to know that I'm not considering a new pattern, but using it as a jumping off point.) So, the basic lines of the a-line simplicity are the same. I've done inverted box pleats before - I think I can do this. So, now to find a nice, boring respectable solid in the fabric cupboards. Finally - a bit of a rant? Is any one else disturbed by the second photo of the "Study Hall Skirt?" I think it's fabulous, but when the kids are in high school - should we be selling sexy?


  1. I think it would turn a lot of people off. After all, plenty of us simply hated high school, and don't want to wear anything that reminds us of it. If they want to market to kids, fine - but use a different campaign for adults! And, yes, sexification occurs on its own in high school, we don't need to sell it. (Like my new word?)

  2. I'm with Marjie. (And if she has Thor at her hip, who would argue with us?)

    But I SERIOUSLY love that skirt. Almost enough to learn to use my sewing machine. ALMOST.

  3. as a teacher and parent of two teenagers, this concept bothers me tremendously. why can't we let them just be kids?

  4. I love the skirt. It is too cute!

    I agree, kids need to be kids. What ever happened to boys having cooties?


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