February 4, 2009

I Don't Have Much

But I do have the February Burda World of Fashion. My coworker went to Boston last year for a convention and I asked him to pick me up an issue. He looked all over town and couldn't find one so when he got back he ordered a subscription for my birthday. This is the first issue I have felt really, really excited about. One of the first things to catch my attention was this wrap over blouse #123. I remembered I'd bought this sheer pleated gauzy type fabric when I was in New York last year and I think it would be perfect. I'm pretty sure I even have blue linen to make a coordinating skirt.

Thank goodness Sharon mentioned the need to add seam allowances when tracing.

The other designs that caught my eye are below. I don't have fabric in mind, but I do have fabric :) So - what are you making from this issue?


  1. These are all nice designs, and I think the floral gauze with a blue skirt would be perfect!

  2. Well, since I don't sew, I won't be making any of them, but I really like the white blouse - except the cap sleeves are too short for me! ;)

  3. Me and sewing don't get along. LOL But I do really like the pants outfit. Too cute!

  4. I picked up my issue on the way to the bus last night. The dressmaker shop is only a block away from work.

    I think we 'may' have been related in a past life - as well as us choosing the same winter coat for the sewalong, you picked all my favorite items from this issue ! I also like the t-shirt with the bubbly sleeves and the short-sleeve blouse with the raglan sleeves with the button cuffs.

    There are now 11 months of BWOF on my bookshelf and I've yet to make one thing - this could be the issue.

  5. I gave you an award (though I know you already have it.....)

  6. G, I think that yellow floral dress would look good on you this spring.

  7. I just got my issues yesterday and haven't had a chance to look closely at it. I do like what you've chosen though. And I'm so glad to realize I'm not the only one who didn't know seam allowances needed to be added...it was a bit frustrating my first few items when they all ended up too tight :-)


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