February 14, 2009

Forced to Purchase Sock Yarn

Friday I was playing hookie from my life. I hibernated on the couch with knitting until nearly noon - when I finally took a shower and started moving. After taking care of family banking responsibilities - I headed north to Great Yarns! to pick up the last ball of yarn I needed for The Princess' socks I'm making. Well . . . . while the yarn is on hold for me, it's not being held at the store. As many of you know the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival is this weekend and it's essentially in my backyard. And that's where my yarn is! I had talked to Miss D and she was going to meet me at Great Yarns for a little visiting and knitting. But now I didn't have anything to work on because I didn't think that far ahead. So I went digging through the sock yarns looks for something fun but somber for JB. The Plymouth Yarn Co. Happy Feet fit the bill. There are 192 yards in each 50gram hank for only$6.50! So two hanks and a Hiya Hiya 40" US 0s later I am now working my way up the foot in 2x2 ribbing. I'm getting 9 stitches to the inch and working these socks over 76 stitches. I hate that I have so much yarn in the house and had to purchase some. I didn't even have my gift certificate with me! So - these socks won't even count toward the 12 pairs from stash this year. But at least I had something to work on and JB will have warm feet. Happy Valentine's Day everyone - hope you get spend it doing something you love with someone you love.


  1. I have to confess to always having aball of dishcloth cotton and a properly sized circ in my purse at all times for that very reason!

  2. I know that purchasing sock yarn is a difficult task, but someone has to do it. I try to do my part. :) How lucky you are to have Madrona so close.

  3. Aww, it's ok, you are good to give your sweetie warm feet on Valentine's Day!
    It was good to talk to you today..miss you. I am wearing my jammies right now, and i LOVE them! They are perfect!!! Oh my..i just saw that my word verification word is "holerear", and how fitting, because my old flannel jammies had to be retired because of a hole in the rear!

  4. It hurts to buy new sock yarn...lol.

    It's really pretty :)

  5. But the yarn is so lovely. How could you not get it? ;)

  6. Pretty yarn yields happy feet. Don't sweat the details.


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