February 17, 2009

Do You Knit Fast?

Somebody asked me the other day if I knit fast. I don't particularly think so, but others might. The speed of my knitting comes from the freaky way I knit. Unfortunately I can't photograph myself knitting - so . . . These socks were started on Saturday night - barely. I'm working on US0s over 90 stitches per sock. This pair is cuff down as I'm wanting to learn a new heel. Of course, I'm working both at the same time. Once I got past the 1x1 ribbing they started going much faster. So far, I have knit 3,240 stitches. Wow. I have spend 2.5 hours working on these. If I divide the number of stitches by the minutes spent knitting - to date these average out at 21.6 stitches per minute (3,240 /150 = 21.6). Is that fast? Personally - I don't think so. Fast would have the better part of these socks done by now. Fast would be turning the heel and headed down the foot. What do you think? How fast do you knit?


  1. I am the slooowwwww knitter. You do knit fast....when you want to. I am usually amazed at how quickly you finish projects.

  2. SNOL... Don't look for me to time myself. And I do think you knit faster than many. I knit a little on the slow side of average; I can keep up in a class where we're all doing stuff, but I'm rarely the first one finished.

  3. Well, it all depends on what I am kniting and how much I like the project (and perhaps the person I am making it for).
    Some things I get a bit obsessed over and race through them, and other projects, not so uch.

  4. Yes, you do knit fast!
    No, I do not.

    have a good day:)

  5. That seems fast to me! Especially working on two at a time. I tried it, but just couldn't get my feeble brain into it. I had to switch back to one at a time after about 3" or so.

  6. That seems fast to be especially being on sz 0. Some say that I knit fast, but I don't think that I do. Guess it all depends on what I am knitting and what pattern it is. If it is stockenette then I am faster than ribbing, etc.

  7. Sometimes I feel like I knit fast, but other times I feel so sllllooooowwww.


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