February 16, 2009

The Beauty of Fat Quaters

Nice fabric/quilt stores will sell fat quarters. Some will even sell them in coordinated packs that are packaged quite nicely - will a little bow or something. Saturday on my way home from the ASG meeting - I stopped at Pacific Fabrics and picked up this package of fat quarters all tied with a bow. It was less than $20. Here are the 6 different fabrics that it contained. Funny thing is I could see two of the all over prints as skirts. Bet you can't guess which ones.
Anyway - I didn't look through them so while I did buy a length of a beautiful rayon lycra knit to make a dress I didn't buy any cottons for fun and funky skirts. Remember over my holiday vacation I decided I needed more solid skirts! Anyway - an hour, some batting, a good steam iron and my new rotary cutter and I had 2 sets of 6 coasters. These are the woven coasters that were highlighted as part of Sew, Mama, Sew! handmade holidays 2007. I have made several sets from dog prints, but this time I wanted a nice grown up print.
While I didn't get the Burda WOF patterns traced (I need a sewing friend to help me take current accurate measurements), I did make a easy halter dress and these coasters. Hope your long weekend was productive.


  1. There are some neat prints there. When I saw your post title on my google reader, I thought "what the heck is a FAT quarter! How can a quarter be FAT?

    Knew you'd get a laugh at the non-seamstress....

  2. @GoldenTracks That sounds like something I would say. lol

    I wish I was a better seamstress. However, I suck. ;-)

  3. Neat! I too wish I could sew a little bit, but not enough to motivate me yet.

  4. Wonderful combo of prints. The coasters look great!

  5. I wish I had learned how to sew...


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