April 16, 2006


Still struggling with the numbers on the scale. They have crept up a little bit and the tummy appears to be sticking out a little bit - to me. Of course, I am aware that I am my own worse enemy, but still. Time to get back into control before 4# becomes 10# or more. I haven't been feeling well. I woke up Friday morning with a sore throat, which managed to linger all day and just make me basically feel blah. Consequently, I did something on Saturday I haven't done in so long I don't even remember the last time. I stayed in my pj's until 11 a.m.!! Yep, I sat on the couch reading and drinking coffee with PBS's sewing shows playing the background. I had a nice, relaxing morning. I didn't work out, I didn't rush, I didn't walk dogs in the rain - just took a little tiny bit of care of me. Then last night I fixed dinner and sewed. I'm currently working on Kwik Sew 3098, view D. I've previously made this skirt out of a stone stretch twill. Currently, I'm working on View D, out of a medium colored, but light weight denim. The fabric came from JoAnns. This time I want to keep the center front seam open just a little bit at the bottom. I'm also doing all the topstitching with Sulky 12 wt. thread in a nice pinkish brown tone. I'm doing all the topstitching with a triple-stitch and a slightly longer stitch length - just because the thread is heavy. Finally, using the wonderful handout that ER prepared for our last ASG Meeting, I'm trying and using new techniques. To have topstitching show on both the top layer and the bottom layer that shows when walking, because I have left a little slit at the center front - I put the front pieces together with a lapped seam. I sewed the topstitching on the bottom piece first, then sewed the bottom of the piece being lapped on top and finally sewed both pieces together, using double stick tape to hold them. I think this should work. Oh, also, I think I finally fixed the comments bits. You don't have to be registered to leave a comment. Although truly the reason why I started blogging - was because I had to start an account to leave a message on somebody else's blog. How lame is that? The byproducts of blogging - I don't feel so all alone any longer in what is mainly a very solitary craft. I'm learning, getting better and feel just that little bit more secure about what I'm doing - daily. Thank you.

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