Sketch It Up!

I have never really been a sketcher of my sewing plans.  I've always kept a project books - something with lined pages, where I could jot down the pattern number and notes on machine settings, alterations, etc.  and always a swatch.
But no drawings. 

Earlier this year, I saw 110 creations and snapped up a copy.  My first project in that book is the blue lace skirt - which is still unfinished.  I've been keeping the individual pages up to date, but not the chron list.  

Last month - I was able to tack a week in New Jersey on the end of Spain vacation.  During that time - I spent some time in The Cave and got the change to meet Jenny.  Jenny had literally just launched and introduced her Curvy Sketchbook.  I reached out to ask her to purchase one.  Jenny brought me one, but wouldn't let me pay - nice that one, but don't tell her I said so ;)   

I think I'd like to do a little compare and contrast and point out my favorite features - because honestly - they are both great resources for keeping track of what you have made, are currently working on and things you wish to make.

101 Creations - Measurement Chart
Cashmerette Measurement Chart

Both books contain measurement charts with the same basic measurements.  101 Creations includes shoulder width, rise and sleeve length.  Cashmerette includes bicep, thigh, waist to knee and inseam.  Cashmerette also has room to keep measurements for up to 5 additional people that you might sew for.

Cashmerette - Project Page

101 Creations - Project Page

Both books have project pages - Duh!  that's the point.  Again - both books have much of the same information.  But there are differences.  I didn't do a great job taking photos, but you can find samples of 101 Creations or Cashmerette - both ladies took better photos and staged them, etc.  

In this section, there are things I really like in one book over the other, such as:

  • Cashmerette - front and back of a curvy woman who looks more realistic
  • 101 Creations - project title front and center and a watermarked page number so you can easily keep track of how many finished projects you've done during the year.
  • Cashmerette - place for a swatch
  • 101 Creations - section for Accents and then gives suggestions (piping, applique, lace, etc.)
  • Cashmerette - focus is on the drawing.
  • 101 Creations - Notes for next time. 

101 Creations has a needle change record that I will never use.  I buy needles in bulk, change them at the start of every project and toss the old needle into an old pill container.  

Cashmerette has a fabric inventory that I will never use.  I don't want to know exactly how much fabric there is in my house.  It will just make me feel guilty and honestly - I don't need a hobby that makes me feel that way.  

Both books have pages for pattern inventory - that might come in handy - but I'd rather be working on making my drawings not look like they were done by a 4 year old.

All in all - while I really like the page layout of 101 Creations, I prefer Cashmerette - I just like the way the model looks.  All the basic information is there and I really like having a dedicated space for a swatch.  You can see my drawings aren't great and I'm not going to start trying to draw in the pattern of my fabric as well.

As I said previously - I bought 101 Creations and was gifted Cashmerette - but opinions are my own.  I hope you found them useful.  


  1. Nice sketchbook. I am glad you are using this as it does seem to be a helpful way of keeping track of what you sewed and how.

  2. I love my sketchbook as well. I also need to work on my drawings!

  3. The sketchbook would be extremely helpful if I still made garments. Thanks for the review.

  4. Thanks for the honest pros and cons comparison!

  5. I used to keep a notebook of my projects but would rather use the time on the project than making notes. If there is an important change, I just write it on the pattern.

  6. Good review and I'm glad to hear you still find sketchbooks useful even though you aren't much a sketcher. I was thinking to myself "sounds like a waste of time", however the way you do it sounds great. Keeping a record of size and alterations for each project sounds great, i'm always forgetting what I did last time I made a pattern.

  7. Good review - thanks. I have a sketchbook based on the skinny version and it is great for planning wardrobes - but the Cashmerette version is much more my size, and therefore my 'drawings' would look much more accurate!

  8. Having a way to sketch out your ideas is really good, and keeping track of those fiddly details is also good. I often lose track of things, so I've taken to writing down alterations right on the pattern or a piece of paper tucked in with the pattern. No sketching for me, though; I'm too impatient for that.

  9. Thanks for the comparison! I'm will you, I do not want to know how much fabric I actually have stashed around my house!


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