October 17, 2013


Carolyn said in the comments to the last post "Honestly I wonder why you strive to fit a sheath dress when these flare skirted dresses look sooooooo beautiful on you!"

I've been thinking about this since she posted that comment.  And the truth is - a sheath dress seems grown up to me.  More office appropriate.  I think it gives the impression that you know what you are doing.  I'm not sure that a grown woman wearing a pink ditsy print floral full skirted dress can really be taken seriously.  Am I wrong? 

I have, however, given up on the New Look dress for the moment.  I needed to make something I could wear out of the house.  So, today I'm sharing the second dress I made last weekend - yes, I made 2 dresses in just over 2 days.  The second dress started with pattern #4 from Ottobre Woman May 2013.  I'm sure Angie could figure out how to get the line drawing in here - but I can not.

Next - I grabbed some solid (yes Carolyn - solid) ponte knit I bought this summer.  In a nice, boring grey.  If the dress didn't work out I still wanted to have my red ponte available.  And I traced the pattern about going blind.  I did my normal blending of sizes.  Serged the shoulder raglan seams and then basted everything else.  The Musical One is getting lessons in fitting - whether she wants to learn or not.  It's the price you pay for still eating dinner at Mom's most Sunday's when you're almost 30!  So, she pinned the side seams in and pinned darts in the back.

I decided that the boring grey dress was the perfect back drop for my beach glass modern quilt wrap.  And this is what I wore to work today. 

One I got over feeling exposed because of how close fitting this dress is - I was very comfortable all day.  I have a piece of blue and white striped patterned ponte from Girl Charlie that may be my next make. 
It's a knit sheath dress!  As one of my co-workers pointed out - it skims my curves.

I received loads of unsoliciations on the scarf.
The dress provided the perfect backdrop for it.

feeling a bit sassy!

I d love this wrap!  It's so much fun and incredibly warm.
But - because it's patterned, it doesn't get worn often.


  1. I think you are right that a floral will not do your image much good at work. This knit sheath looks good on you. The other suggestion I have is to make yourself a sheath that is already designed with princess lines.

  2. Well done! very pretty - dress and scarf.

  3. That dress looks fabulous, especially with the scarf! And I'm in love with your gray boots! Thinking about what Carolyn said...why couldn't you experiment with some solid colors with the flare skirted dresses to get a "more grown up" look? I find some silhouettes just don't look good on my shape, no matter how much I try to fit them, so I try to work with the styles that do. Just my unsolicited 2 cents worth.

  4. I guess I need to clarify my statement. I meant the silhouette is very flattering to your figure. You don't need to make this silhouette in dainty pretty prints. Like Sewfast said, using brightly colored solids would work...black would be amazing in that silhouette and allow you to accessorize with a bunch of different scarves, belts and jewelry. You could even color block it so that it would look like you were wearing a top and skirt combo with a belt. Or how about a solid top and a printed skirt? There are a multitude of options that you could use and still end up with a very professional and work appropriate dress.

    As for a princess seam sheath, you've tried this already haven't you? Did it work well for you? There are some shapes that I stay away from because they won't work with my body type. But when I have found a shape that works, that's when I set about using fabric and color to make it different.

    I just think that full skirted waistline is very pretty on you although the gray dress is also nice especially with the wrap!

  5. I've always loved gray so I love that dress ad I think it looks very professional. I agree that some prints are more casual and probably don't add to the professional look. The scarf and boots make the outfit perfect.

    I've never liked the way I look in princess seaming so I stay far away from them. There are too many other great styles to bother with one that doesn't work.

  6. A sheath dress seems really appealing, because, as you said, it seems grown-up. The problem is that most of us who have been out in the world for a while no longer have the sleek physique which looks best with a sheath dress. I really like this grey dress on you, especially with the wrap. I agree with Sue that some prints are more casual than others, but I see no reason for "adults" to not wear patterns or colors.

    Hope you have a wonderful vacation next week!

  7. I tend to agree that girly clothes do not make for the best impression professionally. This dress is both pretty and professional. I think prints can work if the are sophisticated and flattering in terms of color. Graphic prints tend to not have the same "girl" statement as florals. As for the shift dress, I think it is worth the effort if the final dress fits and makes you feel confident and well proportioned. If you never get a fit that does not make you cringe, I agree with Carolyn, it may be just not your best look.

  8. STUNNING!! You, the dress, the wrap. You know grey is one of my favorite solids; I don't own a single little black dress I love, but I own at least 3 grey ones.

  9. That is great looking dress, love it on you

  10. You look fabulous in this! So stylish and sophisticated! I love the neutral colour dress with boots and a statement scarf! Brilliant.

  11. I love the color combinations, I have some grey fabric that I'm not sure what to do with, seems boring on the bolt even thought of turning it into p.j's lol! but maybe I'll give it another chance

  12. I love the look - nothing beats a neutral wardrobe for being accessory friendly.

  13. I love EVERYTHING about this on you!!! The dress is gorgeous, the wrap is absolutely STUNNING....I want both of those things to wear!!!! Love it!


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