October 13, 2013

New Look 6224

or the last dress of Summer. 

The fabric is a very light weight, floral jersey from Girl Charlie.
The pattern is a combo of New Look 6224
for the bodice and the Lady Skater for the skirt.
 This pattern is for wovens.
But honestly, I couldn't be bothered.
I made it with a knit and it worked just great.

I made this dress the last weekend in September.
It was comfortable and easy to wear.
I love the Lady Skater skirt - it's fun.


There is some green in the print so I put on a green belt to help highlight my waist.
I still have one and I like to show it.


  1. It looks fabulous on you - great design and fabric color.

  2. This is a great silhouette for you. Good job on the frankenpatterning!

  3. Fun to mix and match pattern pieces. Are you moving on to wintry fabrics next?

  4. That dress is really flattering. I think you should make more like it, perhaps with long sleeves for cold weather wear. I like the color, and the belt is a good touch.

  5. Your dress looks good, knits are the best!

  6. I second Marjie's motion. What a beautiful dress for lovely you!!

  7. Honestly I wonder why you strive to fit a sheath dress when these flare skirted dresses look sooooooo beautiful on you! I love everything about this...the fabric you chose...how you mixed the two patterns...EVERYTHING! You could make loads of these using color blocking, solid colors, etc. to make a wonderful wardrobe of these!

  8. Hi G, I agree with Carolyn - these dresses are made for you (they would look awful on me) - and the knit adds so much softness. I agree, make more of these... as Carolyn says, in all sorts of ways.

  9. Wow that dress fits you like a dream ~ and such a pretty color and style on you! And I can't believe you made that in a weekend!!! I'm having trouble sewing together a bunny dress... it's sat staring at me for months now LOL Hope you are having a wonderful fall and can't wait to see what "looks" you chose for fall ~

  10. THe green belt is perfect!!! great new dress

  11. there is a dress in theses pictures, all I see is a beautiful woman. WOW. work on your photographer tho! and ignore Carolyn, you don't need 1 in every color


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