September 23, 2013

2 New-ish Pieces

So - the quest for the perfect pencil skirt continues.  Inspired by a very cute girl in the tax department (um, yea for those that don't know - I no longer work with attorneys, I now work with accountants!) who have the cutest pencil skirts on the plant that she buys at Macy's.  Since I bought a new interview outfit, I haven't bought a thing at Macy's and I don't plan to start.

Sorry - off track, inspired by Cute Skirt Girl - I bought some zig zag printed cotton and pulled out Simplicity 2154 again.  I spent a fair amount of time matching the print at the size seams and the center back seam and even managed to keep it lined up over the zipper.  Not that you can see it, but there is a button and button loop on the waistband.  ( sorry for the wrinkles - end of the day)

I see from these photos that I really do need to work on my posture - but how do you change almost 48 years of bad posture?  You know - because I probably wasn't standing before 2 at least not regularly.  And why in the world doesn't JB tell me stand up or pull my tummy in?  Men!

The first work day of Fall was blustery and I wore nylons and boots today.  I think I need some light tan boots - Chan, will you be my personal shopper? 

The top is Renfrew made from a purchased knit yardage.  Funny thing is - everyone who sees it thinks that I knit the top.  I did make the top - but I did not knit it.  I left the arm and waist bands off. 

I want to ask you, do you think this skirt is too big?  I felt a bit frumpy in it and I'm not sure why.  I've worn the entire outfit together before - with the same chocolate brown tank under the sweater.  But today something was off and I'm not sure what.  I don't want to wear skin tight clothes that show all the lumps and bumps - but I do want them to flatter - not to make me look heavier.  Ideas?  Suggestions?


  1. I like the skirt in terms of cold and fabric but I agree with you that it may be a little big. Also it appears to be slightly flared at the bottom -- more a-line than slim fitting.. Maybe taking it in a little and tapering it slightly toward the bottom would give it the sleek, slim vibe you are aiming for . . .what do you think? I also agree with you that too tight clothes are unflattering. You might be doing what I do, making clothes a little on the large size in an attempt to prevent the dreaded too tight fit. I have to try things on during my sewing to make sure I am not making them too big.

  2. This fabric is bang on trend at the moment!
    I would suggest tailoring the side seams further- not crazy tight or the like but a nice sleek line that you can still move easily in. Sassy yet totally work approps!

  3. I love the skirt fabric! I agree that the shape is more of an A-line than a pencil, though. What do the pattern pieces look like? Do they curve in past the hip, or extend straight out? Pencils usually have more of a curved side seam.

  4. Okay I'm gonna be honest because I'm your friend. You need to do two things to this skirt - take in the sides and peg the hemline. It will give the skirt a thinner appearance and take away the frump. You asked what I did on my last two dresses to look smaller, I took out the comfort feature. I was sewing my dresses just a tad to large, remove that, peg the hemline and they appear smaller. Try that and see if it works for you.

  5. I'm all about slim and tailored, but what are you comfortable in? As much as l love trim-fitting skirts, I haven't worn that cream lace I just had to have in the spring (maybe Thursday?) because while it is quite comfortable on, the lace layers crinkle when I sit and I don't want to fuss with it constantly. (Hmmm... so scratch it for Thursday, because I'll be up and down from my chair to the podium.) So ... I guess my question is, would you be comfortable sitting all day in a snugger skirt?

    I love the print, and agree it wants lighter boots... but a camel or a true tan?

  6. Really nice work! Great fabric to use in both cases.
    I do think the skirt is too big for you too. In the last photo, the deep orange zig zag near your thumb knuckles - that is where I would start taking it in so that the seam lines gradually taper in down to the hem. It doesn't look like the pattern has a kick pleat at the back, so perhaps don't taper it in too drastically, you don't want to walk like Morticia!

  7. Looks like I'm about the sixth person to say the skirt looks more a-line than straight, and tapering it in a wee bit at the hem would slim it up. It is a cute skirt, though. (And I always take Carolyn's suggestions to heart; she knows her stuff.) Maybe with a plainer top you would like it better? I like the knit in the top, but maybe it seems a little fussy when combined with the zigzag. And, like Chan, I think camel colored boots would work better with the skirt, because those are a little dark for the skirt.

    Hope the new job isn't dragging down your spirits too much. It's hard to get in the swing of a new office, with new people and attitudes, even without changing industries!

  8. Oh, I love that skirt! Glad that Carolyn addressed the technical stuff, because lord knows I could not do that. Even without fixing it though, I do think it looks pretty fabulous on you! Well done, and GREAT pics....J is getting good at coaxing a REAL smile out of you! Cracks me up that you do not smile a lot in photos, because you sure do smile a lot in person!


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