August 5, 2013

Final Baby Shawl

Meet Ayla
Born:  July 7, 2013
Being held by her momma.
Who is wrapped in the Moonlight Sonata Shawl
Knit using Cascade Heritage Superwash Sock Yarn.
2 full hanks and 4 grams of the 3rd.
US 8 needles.
Started May 5, finished May 26.
This is the new momma.
2 weeks after she had that little darling.
She loved the shawl and the color.
She nursed under it while we were visiting.
She was not prepared to have her photo taken - but she went with it.


  1. Another gorgeous shawl, such a nice gift.

  2. Love it! What a lacey, gorgeous pattern. :)

  3. Look at that precious face and the proud mamma, too!

    The shawl is stunning. Nice job.

  4. Stunning! And what a good sport, to model spontaneously.

  5. Oh, what a pretty baby. The shawl is just wonderful! I'm so impressed with your speed in making it, too. I'm sure it will get lots of use, and you'll be fondly remembered forever.

  6. SO beautiful! How kind of her to let you photograph her and the shawl for all of your readers. Sweet baby and sweet shawl too - lovely colour choice gMarie.

  7. words dont suffice!!! gorgeous

  8. Beautiful!!! Very thoughtful gift. :)

  9. The shawl is wonderful and what a great shot of Mom and baby wrapped up in it. You did good!

  10. What a gorgeous shawl for the new mama, and a sweet little baby too, so cute!

  11. Gorgeous shawl, love the color and pattern. Looks like the new mama loved it, and the sweet baby too!


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