June 9, 2013

Wedding Dress

 Not my wedding - but a dress that I made to wear to a wedding.  The darling little soon to be bride of the shawl?  Her wedding was Memorial Day weekend.  I decided on Friday night that I needed a new dress to wear to the wedding on Saturday afternoon.

Luckily for me, I had made new look 6184 one before and the fitting issues had been sorted out.  (for the record, one of my legs is tucked up on the rail behind me.)  The fabric is a pretty fairly stiff stretch twill and this dress 'wants' a petticoat under it - but I don't have one. 

I feel bigger in this dress than some of the others I have made recently and I think it's the combination of the stiffer fabric and the full skirt.  I think I want to try the lower neckline and the slim skirt in the near future. 

Do you think this would be weird with sleeves added?  We can't wear sleeveless at the new job.  Although I did wear this to work last Friday, I had a green shawl over my shoulders all day.  I also brought a lavender cardi in case the shawl got annoying.

On another note - I spent the weekend (well, today) working on a pencil skirt pattern.  It's almost done but the waistband and the hem.  And I don't think I have anything to wear with it.

Finally - I spilled a glass on water on my laptop last weekend.  It didn't survive, so until I get a new one - I have to borrow JB's and he doesn't always share well.  So - I'll try to post at least one a week - but no promises and if I'm not commenting on your blog - well that's why.  g


  1. I think your dress looks wonderful on you. I wouldn't add sleeves, just wear a cardigan or a jacket. That way you will still have the beautiful sleeveless dress for wedding, etc. Great job on the quick sew.

  2. This is a gorgeous dress! The fabric looks so feminine. You look great in it - love the belt with it. Hope you had a great time at the wedding - I love weddings.

  3. Yes, this dress is a keeper with no sleeves. Make a cropped jacket/shrug to wear to work.

    Just curious - why does your workplace require sleeves?

  4. I agree with the no sleeves but if you insist on it, go with a butterfly fluttery kind of sleeve.

    Very cute dress!

  5. I love that dress on you! I think we're all our own worst critics. Good luck with the computer mess, and you already know that while I love skirts, I don't love having to figure out what to wear with...

  6. I think that dress is my favorite. It looks great on you. When I was working I made a couple of little white jackets to wear over strappy dresses. I felt more comfortable and white goes with everything.

    Was the wedding fun?

    What kind of computer are you getting?

  7. I like the fuller skirt. It seems so feminine and flirty. And I agree with Bonnie that a fluffy sleeve would be good with this dress, particularly in a softer fabric.

    We have a wedding to attend on July 5, and I'm all confused as to waht to wear. It's a 3PM wedding, a 6PM reception, and the invitation says "Black tie preferred." So do I go long or short dress? Ah, the problems...and only 3 weeks to figure it out.

  8. I too have ruined two keyboards....I am not allowed to have anything liquid near me . I put my coffee mug inside an open kitchen drawer while I am next to it on the table....
    I cried SOOOOO hard the second time

  9. I agree, that dress is so flirty and summery just the way it is. Simply lovely! Oh how I wish I would/could sew:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  10. maybe a little cap sleeve? Love that dress just the way it is though. If i lived in a sweater friendly climate, i would say yes to a cardi :o)
    Basically blogless Jess ;o)

  11. I love this dress. I am just getting into sewing clothing. I have been quilting for a few years. <3 I just came across your blog and will be following it. My son poured apple juice on my laptop a few years back. He told me it looked thirsty. lol


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