March 25, 2013

Pattern Pyramid - Take Two

Earlier this month, Kathy had a Pattern Pyramid drawing and I won! The Pattern Pyramid is the brain child of Karen from Did You Make That. The original drawing was back in June 2012. Because people keep adding patterns, the Pyramid continues.

This one is no different - Kathy added lots of patterns.   There is lots of good stuff in this Pyramid.
Dresses and Wardrobe Patterns.
Kids Stuff
1970s Mens.
Coats / Robes

I added these 2
I am adding these 2 DKNY patterns by Vogue.  I will never make them. 
I know I said I was going to keep the pattern on the right, but I recently bought the pattern on the left.
Not sure if you can tell, but the dress on the far left of the left pattern,
is the same as the pattern on the right. 
Now for the fine print:
  • Anyone, anywhere can enter the giveaway by posting a comment by Sunday, March 31, 2013 BUT you must have an active blog. (Reasons to become obvious.)
  • The winner will pick one pattern to keep for themselves, then host their own giveaway. They will randomly select a winner, post the remaining patterns to that Person .  It's not necessary to add patterns to the Pyramid.
  • If you’re a winner, I would love it if you could make a small contribution to The Brooke. This is a charity close to the heart of Catherine, who so generously provided these patterns.
    So - comment and let me know if you want these and which one you think you would keep.  Have fun!


    1. There are so many great oatterns, I am finding this very hard to choose. The DKNY on the right or the coat or the Style dress... so many goodies! Thanks for the chance to win!

    2. Why am I commenting? I can't even sew a toy together without incident and the only pattern I own hasn't arrived yet... so don't pick me, even though I like the DKNY on the right and the two patterns above that.

    3. Pick me, pick me ;) Cute collection of patterns.

    4. I like the DKNY on the right also. It seems very popular.


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