January 21, 2013

Little Known Fact

In 2011, my friend and I decided it might be *fun* to walk a 5k every month.  However, we were unable to make it happen in 2011.  So we committed to doing so in 2012.  We participated in the Resolution Run on New Year's Day and didn't miss a month.  In fact, we even threw a 10k into the mix in November.
We collected all the tees and my friend actually wears some of hers in public.  I have saved mine to make a quilt from.  Most of the shirts are jersey but some are technical fabric and I'm not sure about putting them in the quilt. 
The best part - I am not overly active.  My hobbies are sedentary and so is my job.  My biggest form of exercise is walking the hound dogs.  We finished each and every race with a time of under a 15 minute mile - including the 10k!  And we WALK!  We tried running one race in 2011 and I tripped, fell, skinned both of my knees and my palms and my friend twisted her ankle!  So we stick to walking.
As 2012 ended, we wondered what we would do in 2013.  We decided to do a 10k every month.  We have completed our first race in January with a pace of 14:05 - I'm pretty impressed with that.  And we've crazily signed up to participate in a 15k in just about 7 weeks.  What were we thinking on that one?????


  1. Good for you! Do the dogs get to walk any of them with you?

  2. Good for you! Maybe a half marathon? What's 3 or 4 more K between friends? I did the Eugene half with my marathon runner daughter...of course she was 5 months pregnant, but hey... :)

  3. That is a wonderful achievement. I m so proud of you.
    Walking is one of the BEST forms of exercise.
    I miss my walks with HUck....but baby its cold outside today!

  4. Check you and your bad self out! That is freaking amazing! You go girl!

    1. This from the Roller Derby Girl! Thanks. I'm going keep walking. Hopefully we'll get faster! g

  5. What a fabulous post! I admire you for completing this goal. Your T-shirt quilt will be a good reminder of your accomplishment.

  6. Brilliant idea! you made me laugh explaining your running mishap. looking forward to seeing your "sporty gal" quilt.

  7. Wow! That is some kind of commitment - can you take the hounds with you? I like the 5k Race for Life (Breast Cancer Walk) each autumn, and this year we will take the greyhounds with us - we just need to get them some pink to wear . . . . as boys I am sure they won't mind!!!

  8. Hooray for you! I know that you must feel just wonderful physically. I try to walk what I call the "great circle route" through my house many times each day (breakfast room to library fireplace and back): 25 times is over one mile. Most days I get between 6 and 12. But now I've got Michael up and doing it, with some prodding from Cass, which is just great.

    I like your quilt idea; it's a good way to memorialize all of these walks. I don't know that the difference in fabric from one shirt to another will make a difference to the quilt, really, since tees all have to be wash&wear, right?

  9. I so admire you!! I would love to participate in walks/runs--but don't. Why? I need to think about that! You may have started something. You are doing such a good thing for yourself!!

    My DIL made a quilt from pro football team shirts and it is loved by the recipient. Truth be told, everyone in the family covets it. Hee hee!!

  10. That's awesome!!!! I'm extremely proud of you. :) I think that would make a very inspiring and interesting quilt.


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