December 20, 2012

It's a Wrap!

There really is nothing more to say about this dress.

I can buy fabric, pretreat, cut, sew and wear in close to the same day.   With the exception of my tendency to thrust my stomach forward, the dress is flattering. 

As I was cutting this version - I decided I wanted long sleeves and thought I had enough fabric to make LONG sleeves, but I didn't.  So I cut them as long as I could and make a pleat at the bottom of the sleeve to mimic the pleats going on elsewhere in the dress - at the shoulders, and the waist. 

Even though this is a very thin knit (bought at Hobby Lobby) I was plenty warm all day and never put on the cardigan I brought with me just in case.

I also finally remembered to shorten the ties and while I could wrap them around to the front and tie them, I just tied them in the back in a bow.  Maybe a bit too twee - but I got a ton of compliments on the dress and hubby thought it came from Nordstroms - even though he got the straight from the sewing room preview when I finished it last Thursday - Men! 

Anyway - as the title says - I think it's time to put this pattern aside for awhile.  This is the 4th make from this pattern and while they all look different, I think I'm ready to try another pattern for a minute. 


  1. Another great finish. It looks wonderful on you.

    Have you considered making the dress sleeveless for summer?

  2. LOVE it. It does look quite high-end. I'm glad you had fun cranking out the wrap dresses and they're all lovely!

  3. Gorgeous! Chuckled over J thinking it was from Nordstrom's! Happy holidays to you my friend!

  4. I love that fabric! It's so pretty and feminine. Another great dress. Glad you're enjoying the wrap dress look.

  5. Cute print. It's a good style for you. I predict we haven't seen the last of this pattern.


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