June 7, 2012


I haven't posted a thankful Thursday in a long time and I think I need to.  Everything is all out of joint right now and I need to line back up and get on track, because no matter how horrible I think my life is - it could always be worse.  And truthfully - it's not that bad.  So today I'm thankful for:

*the wisteria blooming in the dog yard.  I love this flower which is considered a weed.  This little tree was planted 8 years ago and this is the first spring that it's bloomed.  They flowers don't last long, so I'm really thankful that I didn't miss them.

*the dogs - who can always make me laugh and smile - even when they are being goobers.

*the ability to take vacations to see The Princess graduate, see how happy she is, meet her employers and spent time with her Boy and his parents.

*meeting friends, having dinner and chatting for hours.  Spending time catching up and it feeling like it's been weeks since we last got together and not years.

*the Internet and blogs in particular.  Meeting new friends online and in person.  Coincidentally being in the same place at the same time - miles from our homes.

*the ability to make just the right curtains.  No matter how painful the project was.  Knowing that it's perfect is worth a lot.

-- So, would you share a bit of your thankful list with me today?   g


  1. Yep - I'm there with you. Lately I have been doing ALOT of the "poor me" ot seems like but then I take a step or two back - take a good hard look at my life, really do some thinking amd realize (for the hundredth time or more) that it ain't really as bad as I make it out to be. Great post!
    Kim, the dog-mom

  2. Great post! I need to remember to be thankful more often. Today I am thankful for my family who puts up with my crazy self! :) hehe!

  3. The boys are out of school, and I'm thankful for time to spend with them. Thankful that my last 2 girls have graduated from college, and are on their way to happy and productive lives. Thankful for a wonderful husband, house and family, and great friends, close and far away.

  4. hahahaha im in a unthankful mood hahaha.
    Im greatful for my dear blogging friends who i can talk with. :)

  5. It's been a rough week, but I'm thankful that it wasn't worse. Does that count?

    Samba's tail is healing and Morgan is starting to accept her confinement. For these I'm thankful, though I wish neither of them had to deal with their problems.

  6. Right this minute, I am thankful for bathtubs and *not* getting presents. Oh, and that Oribel is so damn cute, curious, and mostly sweet that it keeps her alive. Yes, I am thankful for her her too, even when she is a goober too.

  7. I'm thankful for good friends who point out things that I miss! (Thanks G!) I'm also thankful for dogs that wake me at the crack of dawn because they can't wait to start the new day! I'm thankful for that new day, because it is a gift. I really do feel better after counting my blessings!

  8. Today I'm thankful for sweet dogs at work, and that photo of your beautiful wisteria.

  9. Id' love to see the finished window treatments!! Painful though they were!

    Im thankful for my animal shelter volunteers and staff. I am blessed to work with great folks there.

    Im thankful for my cats. they are purrfect pets for me right now

  10. Also thankful for meeting blog friends in person!!

  11. I'm a little behind, but I hope what was getting you down has gotten better by now. ((hugs))

    Today, I'm thankful for the kids and I having a day to ourselves. Thankful that someone seems to be really interested in our old house. Thankful for my awesome kiddos.


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