March 19, 2012

Precious Little

Vogue 8788 from Vogue Patterns Website
There has been precious little sewing going on around gMarie that hasn't been crafty lately.  However, if you want to see how Nancy turned my Charming blocks into a stunning quilt - go look!  This is a project that is near and dear to my heart and I do hope that these quilts bring a small amount of comfort and some small knowledge that someone appreciates what those in the service are giving. 

Anyway - I got the new issue of Vogue Patterns and I'm really wanting to make Vogue 8788.  I see it in one of the Lisette Fabrics.  It's not a gathered skirt, so I think it will work and it resembles the super popular 'walk away dress'.

I have a few more 'crafty projects' hanging over my head that have a quick turn around and then it's garment sewing for me.  My closet needs some new blood as spring approaches. 


  1. Looks retro. My Mom had several dresses in that style when I was a kid. I asked her to save them for me when I grew up. She didn't, but I probably couldn't wear that style anyway. I sure did love them in floral prints.

  2. I purchased some fabric for a dress last spring, and it is still in the bag with the pattern, thread, etc. I need to decide to make the dress or use the fabric for something else. ;oD

    Thank you for the quilt blocks. I hope you are pleased with how I put them together. The second one will be posted tomorrow.

  3. ooh, pretty dress !

    I've been buying patterns and doing a lot of thinking about sewing but no actual sewing going on here. Soon...

  4. oops - forgot about the quilt - BEAUTIFUL !

  5. The quilt looks great. Good job!

  6. The quilt is stunning.

    My mother had a blue dress of a similar fashion. She only had two dresses I remember admiring as a child... that blue one and an emerald green sheath.

  7. It should work great, since it's not gathered! I think a floral would be just wonderful - maybe something in daisies?

    And I love your quilt blocks as they are assembled. You did a wonderful job, as did Nancy.

  8. How fortunate you are to be able to sew! I've recently discover a near (sorta) quilting shop and they offer sewing lessons for $10/hr and you can use their machines. I love all the bolts of fabric they have - it's all organized by time periods and begins with "poison" greens which apparently were greens that used to poison the dyers. A morbid but fascinating tidbit offered by the shopkeeper. One day I'd like to sign up (not for the dying - the sewing).


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