October 12, 2011

Quick, Simple Sewing

I saw the ruffled fabric on Lori's podcast blog - Sew Forth Now.   More specifically, the Episode 71 where she interviews Lynne.

In the links from that episode, Lori lists a link for ruffled fabric from - get this - Ruffle Fabric dot com.  As well as a tutorial for making your own ruffle skirt.  Of course I was smitten - and it didn't hurt that Carolyn made a ruffle skirt   (scroll down).

Ruffle Fabric was lovely to deal with and a joy.  I will order from them again.

The one thing I didn't know when I ordered the fabric was that the ruffles run perpendicular to the selvedge edge - I thought they would run parrallel - so I ordered 2 yards of each color - but really only needed one yard of each to reach my knees. 

I bought a fun polka dot ruffle for the brown ruffle fabric and I bought a lovely lavendar for the grey.  But as I still had far more fabric than I needed but only bought enough elastic for 2 skirts - I bought wider black elastic at J's for more skirts. 

The two skirts shown here will be boxed up this weekend and shipped off to non-sewing friends who need a little ruffle in their life.


  1. Cute skirts! Your friends will be thrilled.

    I had no idea someone manufactured Ruffled Fabric.

  2. That is sooooo friggin' cute! I'd like a cardi in fabric to match the polka dot ribbon. I'm off to shop...

  3. Those are cute. I know the recipients will like them.

    I bought a micro pleated poly recently for summer dresses, and the pleats ran selvage to selvage instead of parallel, so I got 2 yards and only needed about 2/3. Want some?

  4. Who knew they made ruffled fabric! How cute. I love ruffles, but that would look awful on me so maybe for the nieces.

  5. Those are so cute! I love the polka dots on the one skirt.


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