August 18, 2011

Goober Momma

This picture is from last Christmas of the 3 dogs.
They want me to tell you that even though I call Beau the "goober boy" all the time
I'm the goober and he's not.
See - I've been telling people who ask all summer that they dogs were 8
well - yea, they are now!
They turned 8 last Thursday the 11th. 
Not 9 - doh!!
Who's the goober now?

Happy Dogs on Thursday.
Remember - don't wish yourself (or your dogs) older than you are.


  1. Sweet photo. I can't believe my baby will be three at the end of the month.

  2. Very cute photo. And...aren't you glad they're younger than you thought, not older?!

  3. Mine are all getting too old. I hate the thought of it.

    The houndies all looks so sad in that picture. I guess that's just how hounds show happiness.

  4. Well happy happy birthday to those 'pups'.
    Mr. B sends loud happy barks ;)

  5. It's a cute picture. Abby looks tiny between the tall hounds. Nice that they cooperated for you.

  6. What a great picture! : ) I always try to make myself older by accident and it always makes me so happy when I realize I've foobarred. lol


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