April 29, 2011


 Inspiration photo.  I found this skirt at chadwicks earlier this year.  It really finally pushed me to finish my pencil skirt pattern.  I posted the photo and talked about personal style here

I still haven't done anything about contacting Sal and doing a self-guided makeover.  Not sure whether I will or not - honestly, I probably will not.  But I do think it's a fabulous idea.
 I do wish I had a nice long hall that was uncluttered.  Someplace to put the tripod up and take photos in the morning - when I feel fresh and thin and cute, rather than at the end of the day when I feel tired. 

So - the skirt is made from some mystery suiting fabric that came from Joanns years ago.  I bought when I thought I might actually make pants and took a class with Peggy Sagers - but I'm never going to make pants.  So - skirt it is.  When I found the inspiration skirt above, I decided to add trim to one of the princess seams.  I thought I was adding it to the right side, but somehow it ended up on the left and it's all good. 

I spent almost 2 days of the retreat last month working on this skirt.  And honestly - I'm a bit frustrated with it.  Those sewing gals fitted this sucker to a tee.  At retreat it felt very sexy and fitted and ....
Now - it just felt a wee bit too big and sloppy.  I mean I don't want it to fit like a second skin, but - hmmm, how do I explain this.  And is this why I've fallen off working out with the silly Wii?  Probably.  How frustrating to fit something and then not have it fit a month later without having your weight change an ounce.

Anyway - the cardigan and shoes are too light - I need to find some taupe shoes and honestly I would love to find a cardigan that is the burnt orange in the top.  The bow doesn't stay tied - and how do you tie them?  Little loops and long tails, or big floppy loops? 

I was however comfortable wearing it all day - and yes the trim does curve up the front a wee bit - but that's because I do too.  


  1. Well, I looked at the pics before I read your text and I didn't see big and sloppy. I know skirt fitting is giving you fits, but I think this looks good. Being in the midst of pants fitting myself, anyone trying to fit ANYTHING has my full empaty. :-)

    Like the burnt orange cardigan possibility.

  2. You may not be totally thrilled but I Love it on you!!!! I remember when you posted that skirt and your version is pretty darn close. The whole outfit looks smashing ~ enjoy :)

  3. It's all fab. You did a great job with the skirt and the outfit. As for the cardi, go get you some burnt orange yarn, and presto!

  4. I really like the skirt, and the whole outfit. I agree that you need darker shoes, to match the skirt, but I agree with Claire that the skirt looks nice. Maybe you didn't like it because the fabric stretches a wee bit during the course of the day, and so alters the fit? I hate when that happens. As for the bow, my grandmother, who had fabulous style, always said that the bow should have big, floppy loops to make it feminine, not looking like a retarded bow tie.

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  5. What they all said. The first photo looks especially nice.

    But it *IS* frustraiting to have clothes that don't fit, even if it's because you've lost weight!

  6. I like the skirt! I keep thinking, okay - maybe one of these days I'll get around to a pencil skirt.

  7. What a beautiful, textured fabric - I think the skirt looks great, especially with the frayed/fringe down the front.

    Dear Gaylen - we women are supposed to have shapely curves. And I am learning so much from you about cutting and fitting when you (me) have a sway back.

    They may not be quite the colour you'd like for this ensemble, however your shoes are just gorgeous! Heel height, heel finish and the leather finish are wonderful.

    With care and love, and sending many huggles to you and the houndies,

    Michelle xxxxxxxx and a sleeping Zebby Cat (he's warming up my side of "our" queen sized bed, bless him

  8. What are you talking about woman? I think it looks very nice. Classy and stylish.
    Frustration over weight shift here :(.

  9. Very cute. I like the trim, that was a good idea. Glad to see you getting playful with your sewing.


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