March 16, 2011

Me Made Failure

Well - I had a feeling this would happen, I'm still wearing me made every day and weekends are as hard as I thought they would be, but I'm not getting photos taken. 

So how about I distract you with some pretty handknit socks?

This pink pair I designed.  They have lace up the foot and a fold over ruffle.  They are the last pair of socks that my FIL saw me knitting and he was just fascinated.  He would just sit and watch and then he wanted to guess how many stitches were in a pair.

The fit is perfect, just the right amount of negative ease and oh so girly - I love them.

This second pair was knit for JB for Christmas last year.  The pattern is called Par 5 based on the designers favorite hole on her favorite golf course.  According to her - a Par 5 is very easy.   I don't golf, but I thought the higher the par number the harder the hole.  Anyway - these were super easy to knit.  I did them top down with an after-thought heel. 

The main color is Eagles blue and the contrast is a dark grey. 

He said they were a wee bit tight going on, but perfect once he was wearing them.  The cables add a bit of interest and kept me from poking my eyes out making is favorite socks - a very boring 2x2 rib.  


  1. Love those ruffly pink socks. I'm a sucker for ruffles.

  2. Beautiful socks - both pairs. Wonder if the pink pair pattern would cure my knitting drought?

  3. Both pairs are beautiful and so creative! Love the feminine ruffles ~

  4. Both pair of socks are wonderful (and the perfect distraction)...I wonder where a girl could find the pattern for said pink pair?

  5. I love those pink ruffly socks! I have to set the camera up and use the self timer to take about 4 billion pictures so I get one halfway decent. Your picture problems are not yours alone.

  6. Very nice socks. The pink pair is my fave, though. : )

  7. Very nice, love the colors in the Par 5 socks!


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