February 2, 2011

Socks - Pair #1

Finished January 1, 2011
This was the last yarn pulled from my brown bag stash in 2010.
I didn't finish them before the end of the year.
I worked on them for hours on New Year's Eve.
Photo is horrible, but the colors are lovely.


  1. Those are soft, pretty colors. Are you planning to do a pair a month this year?

  2. Oh....you like long socks...you get extra credit for each pair finished for that! LOL...I make myself 4-5 inch legs and hate it when I have to go to 7 inches for the Hubby's socks. :-)

  3. I like those colors too. Knit on, woman!

  4. The colors are pretty when you biggify the picture. I like long socks, too! Is the January pair done, or did the cardigan take precedence?

  5. Awesome! I'm so jealous... I have tried to knit socks several times and I just can't seem wrap my head around it. These are really lovey!

  6. What a lovely colour mix. Just the weather there for long socks.

    I'm working through some of my sock yarn stash - only it keeps ending up transforming into hats and gloves or scarves. Two scarves to go (one started this evening) and I'll be back to socks.


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