February 11, 2011

Head Case

This photo has nothing to do with the Title
~nothing productive is getting done:  laundry; cooking; groceries - nothing

~no sewing has been done in 2 weeks - I've bought fabric because I have ideas - tons of ideas, but no time.

~I have been knitting - easy socks, complicated, beaded socks, designing a hat and knitting away on the cape.

~Hopefully there will be something besides whining to show for the weekend.

~Happy Friday everyone!!


  1. Love those socks though. I'd like to knit more, but fail to pick up the needles.

  2. Pretty valentine socks. I've suddenly got loads of ideas and wish I could work on two things at once.

  3. Some days are just like that, hmmm - nothing gets done.

    Pretty socks - is it a pattern or are they beads ?

    I had a play day myself today, worked from home so no commuting time. Laundry is almost done and I'm determined to get some sewing done this weekend.

  4. But knitting is productive!! you are producing something....if it is not productive, than i am truly not getting ANYTHING done these days! :o)

  5. I'm not getting much productive done either. It must be something in the air, or maybe the season.

  6. That's pretty productive whining m'dear! Hope you find time to get your ideas from your head onto fabric soon.

  7. Those look like pretty socks you have on the needles ~ I just recently CO for a pair after about a year hiatus. You simply always need more socks ~ for yourself and to give away!

  8. Wow. If I wanted to get something more than whining done, I'd never get anything done at all!

    You're way more productive than me (which granted, isn't really saying much but still, it's something right?)

    It's the dead of winter. You're allowed to be Less Than Productive. Things will pick up, everyone needs to recharge.

  9. That's okay. I've completely lost my knitting mojo. Nothing is striking my fancy and yelling "KNIT ME!" I feel lost.

  10. Thanks for pointing out the well know fact that knitting, crocheting can be so purging and therapeutic!


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