February 10, 2011

Dinner Bell

Wednesdays are knit night. Last night JB was working late and I got home before he did. The dogs eat at 6:30 in the morning, and 7 at night. Not last night - it was closer to 9. They were beside themselves.
Abby is a very slow and methodical eater.  She takes a mouthful of kibble and spreads it around the floor and then picks it up one or two pieces at a time.  Apparently it goes farther from her bowl than I thought.  She was backing up, sniffing all over for missed kibble.  She got it all.
Lucy is a snarfer.  Honestly - 2 cups of kibble is gone in about 20 seconds.  She stands on the little brick hearth and eats her dinner.  She is the best waiter while I'm "fixing" kibble - adding meds and fish oil. 
Beau eats slower than Lucy and sometimes slower than Abby.  He learned his lesson when his tummy twisted.  Now he eats very slowly - but he doesn't take food out of his bowl, because then Lucy thinks it's fair game.  No matter how I've tried - none of my dogs will lay down to eat and they won't eat from elevated bowls either.  Trust me I've tried - these chow hounds will literally walk away when the bowl is in the elevated stand.  Lucy won't eat out of anything but stainless either - well unless it's my dishes.


  1. Cute post. I think you know my wee one is VERY picky and won't eat out of anything but ceramic. Sis will sometimes sit to eat, but also refuses the elevated bowls, even though we tried to train her to them as a pup.

  2. That is too funny that neither one of your dogs will eat from an elevated feeder because your dogs are all so tall! Perhaps they think they are little dogs in tall packages?
    Isn't it amazing how no dog is alike in eating styles, walking styles, etc?
    By the way, I am hosting a THANKFUL FUR 3 FRIENDS BLOG HOP today so if you want to meet our gang and more please join in!

  3. Isn't it funny what different styles they all have?

    Although the authorities used to tell us to feed from elevated bowls to prevent bloat, they now tell us just the opposite.

    I used to feed Monty from an elevated bowl, but none of the Bentley and Tsar wouldn't eat unless the bowl was on the floor.

  4. My grrls both eat standing, and always have. They eat from whatever bowl we give them, as long as it's in the 'right place'. ahem...getting them to utilize a second water dish, however, never works! Fun to see what the 'big dogs' are up to.

  5. We elevated Thor's bowl when he got older, and he seems to appreciate it. Now, if I buy Abby a plane ticket, will she come teach Thor not to just heave his kibble everywhere and leave it for me to sweep up or slip on? (Actually, I noticed that he's chasing around the food that he drops now that I have put him on a diet). I love the stainless bowls. No chance of breaking, and easy to clean.

  6. Isn't it funny how some are slow eaters and others don't even taste it?

  7. that cracks me up that Abby does that with her food. i think i remember seeing her do that when we were there. They all crack me up!
    Both of mine are wolfers. Henry was picky, until we got Fred!

  8. Interesting. We add fish oil too. Simcha is a very methodical eater. He'll eat pie shaped wedges from the bowl I've never seen any other dog do that. Mr. Puffy was like your basset - spread it all over the floor and then ate up - LOL

  9. lol Seeing them lean waaay over to eat out of those bowls just reinforces just how big they are. Sometimes it's easy for me to forget because I've never seen them in person. ; )

  10. Aren't dogs funny?
    Mr. Bettis drags his stainless steel bowl and drops it when he wants his dinner. He then takes a bite and leaves the area to chew. No idea what's up with that but it takes him forever to eat. He refuses to eat from an elevated bowl. The girls are short so there's no point in elevating their dishes.


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