January 13, 2011

Thankful Dogs

*~   Dogs in good health

*~   Friends

*~   New Recipes (strange thing to be thankful for, eh?)

*~   Weight watchers (yes, I'm following the plan again)

*~   A supportive husband - I'm lead to believe that not all husbands will cook from a ww recipe or eat anything put in front of them.

*~   Surgeries that went well

*~   Beauregard James

*~   Abigail Jane

*~   Lucy

*~   Real life friends

*~   Blog friends (if you don't blog, you don't know how real they are)

*~   Enough


  1. You're having a good Thursday! I'm so glad WW is working for you again, and that JB is so supportive!

  2. I'm so lucky, Rob will eat anything I put in front of him. I try to make his faves at least once a week so that it doesn't start to feel like punishment when I try a new recipe.

    Am I a blog friend or a real friend? I hope I'm both.

  3. Love the post! I too appreciate great blogging buddies ;-)

  4. A very nice list...it's good to count those blessings, isn't it?

  5. What a great list! I'm finally catching up. I'm glad we have NO plans this weekend. (Today's play date with my cousin fell through...)


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