January 8, 2011

Lazy Saturday

I didn't do much today.  I did stop by JoAnn's and pick up this new look pattern.  I've been looking for a knit dress pattern to use with the cute little print that I've had for awhile now. 

I think this might be it.  I will most likely make the view with the short sleeves because my own heating system is competely out of wack these days - short sleeves are the best option - it's so much easier to add a cardigan to get warm that to try and take sleeves off because you're too hot.

I'm hoping to make a muslin of this tomorrow.


  1. Love the new header. You totally needed a few lazy days to get well; don't over-compensate today, please?

  2. Cute!

    Yesterday when I had this page open the Evil Monkeys both came in at separate times... and both immediately shouted "Paw prints!!"

    Good job on the paw prints, I guess. :-)


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