October 21, 2010

Think Pink!

Since I have no new photos of my dogs and no sewing to speak of
we're going to skip DoT and send you directly to a contest.
Photo from Pampered Chef
You - yes you! - could win these lovely plates.
Anyone who knows me - know I love a pretty plate.
JB has threatened to start giving mine away if I buy anymore.
So - I managed to work out a trade - one of my new sock dumplin bags in exchange for the plates.
However - to win them - go to Knit Tea and tell her what your favorite PC item is.
You can also link to a product who's proceeds benefit Breast Cancer.
Good Luck!


  1. I bet if you put nice little treats on those plates, he won't toss them out. Men are a lot like dogs, keep the treats coming and they behave oh so nicely.

  2. SNOL! I'm wiping lemonade off the monitor, but Sue's right you know... ;)

  3. Lovely! Will you be adding some dumpling bags to your etsy shop of other dog related fabrics (un-holiday related) soon? :)

  4. Bartering what a grand idea!!! I too have gotten the royal edict, no more dishware to come into this house, so my sister gave me some for my birthday Go SIS!!!

  5. She's giving away two sets, so if we're lucky, neither of us will have to buy any! And I think Sue's right about JB keeping the plates if you put cute treats on them. It's OK, just go buy something cute; he'll never know.

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great weekend.

  7. I love a whole missmash of dessert plates! Mainly I pick mine up at thrift stores and, of course, S has no idea how many I have as I only use them for my afternoon tea ;)

    Happy Birthday ~ hope a large slice of cake was enjoyed by all!

  8. Aren't they purdy? Congrats to the winners on Chan's blog :D.


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