September 28, 2010

Are you a Fan?

Of Harry Potter?  If so, then you'll probably recognize what these socks represent.

My friend sent me the red yarn.  We had been talking how we both liked the Monkey pattern, and knit it several times, but neither of us had a pair of our own monkeys.
Upon receiving this lovely little hank of red sock yarn, I promptly wound it into a cake and printed off the toe up modification to the monkey pattern.  I also modified it by making the repeat narrower.  The original monkeys are worked over 16 stitches, but because I needed to have a sock that was wider than 64 stitches, I narrowed the repeat to 12 stitches and added a second repeat.  This allowed me to make a sock that was 72 stitches around, yet still maintain the design that monkeys are famous for. 

As long as I was doing new things - I decided to try a new short row heel.  I don't normally like short row heels because I can never make them look purdy.  This one - not too shabby.  It's a bit shallow for my liking, but I think that would be fixable in the future. 

At the top of the sock, I modified this owl chart to put little cabled owls in the ribbed cuff.  I love them - I hope my friend does - if not - maybe she'll send them back.

So the Harry Potter relationship?  Well when the kids are at school their parents send them letters.  These letters are mostly delivered by owls.  And when Harry or any of the gang are in trouble the letters scream at them and are bright red!  I haven't heard of any of the kids having a monkey - so I added the owls to my "howler monkeys!"


  1. Love 'em!! I think it's a hoot that you added the owls to the top, but despite being a Harry Potter fan, howler monkeys make me think of the Wizard of Oz!

  2. These look a lot like my pretty pink socks! Great color.

  3. I adore the socks and H.P. - I didn't read the series until last year and now I don't know if I wish for another volume or not.

  4. I'm not a HP fan, but love the socks... and that red is fabulous!

  5. as usual... great socks!!! love the red color. i am still working on a sweater, but very excited with the progress.

  6. Hey, thanks for the link! Your socks look great! However, if you found the SR heel a bit shallow, take a look at this modification I made to a recent pair of DH's socks. It works like a charm. (Get it? CHARM! I crack myself up.)

  7. Wait! I thought you were going to keep this pair - LOL

    Those are GORGEOUS and what clever modifications! I have not mastered toe up socks and the only pair I knit toe up ended up way too big and I gave them to Steven (who has YET to wear them as he doesn't like wool). grumble grumble.

    I'm a fan of Harry Potter but have not gotten past book 2 in the series. I'm a bit behind.... BUT those owls are too cute. I might have to figure out a way to add them to something!

  8. Love the HP references and the gorgeous socks. Toe-up socks are my "try knitting these next" in learning to master socks (my cuff down efforts now = 6 pairs).

    Sending care and huggles to you, with added very loud, deep rumbling purrs from a happy Zebbycat, Michelle xxx

  9. ROTFL Love it! The socks turned out beautifully. =)

  10. Love them and the change you made to them. Such a nifty idea.


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