May 13, 2010

On Guard

On Wednesday evenings I go to knitting. The dogs are always settled in the living room and occasionally they watch for me to get home. Last night I needed JB to take some photos. I decided it might be a good time to get a photo of my favorite boy (sh- it's a secret). Isn't he sweet? He was being a good boy all curled up on his bed staying out of the way and not slobbering on my skirt. That's Dudley dog in the front of the photo. When I took the photo of Beau - the flash flickered and lite up the room. Lucy didn't like that at all. She sat up straight and was instantly on alert. She's looking out the window to make sure nothing out there was flashing in her windows and needing barking at. You can see how beat up the poor girl is. The marks on her face? She does that scratching herself.


  1. Just adorable! How could you bear to leave them and go knitting. What lovely coats they have... I think I would quite like my hair that color!
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Poor Abby-doodles! I demand a post all her own next week!

    And I want to come hold hands with that upturned paw of Lucy-Lu's...

  3. They're all being so good and resting up, so they'll be energetic enough to play with you when you get home!

  4. You have such stoic looking dogs. :) I love seeing pictures of them.

  5. It is no secret that Beau is your favorite! He is pretty lovable though!


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