April 26, 2010

Cowboy Up

JB has owned this (<----) little cowboy for as long as I've know him. It's always been in our living room and while I'm a big fan of country music and I'm not a huge fan of "country decorating."
But I love this little cowboy. JB says he used have a clock sitting where the rock is now. But the clock broke and Pop removed it and the rock has been there ever since. Apparently, once upon a time there used to a proportionally sized horse with a white mane and tail, but she was broke and discarded long ago.
For as long as I've known JB, his Dad (or Pop as everyone called him ) had this ----> cowboy. He's bigger and doesn't have the white accents, but to me - it screams Pop. There is just something about they little ceramic figurines. Neither of them is chipped and they just have tons of character.

As you can see, they are both residing together now. RIP Pop.


  1. They're darling. Quite removed from what I'd expect a couple of Canadians to have for decor, but that's what happens when one has preconceived notions!

  2. It's nice that they've been reunited. Do they have a special spot in your house now?

  3. Well, it's nice to have something around to remind you of JB's Pop. Country decor may not be the greatest, but reminders of the loved ones who've left us surely are!

  4. The smaller one looks like something my hubby would like. He likes old west type stuff.

  5. this made me smile. it's been too long since i've been around these parts. (cowboy speak)
    isn't it great to have something, anything that belonged to someone who is no longer with us?
    i just wish my memento didn't make me sneeze. :)


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