March 24, 2010

What am I Missing?

Seriously - what am I missing? This is the houndstooth skirt and I've spent the past weekend working on it. It's obviously not done. Here's the front view and the part I'm having trouble with. See those funky puckers - what are they there? What are they telling me? What do I need to do to fix them? Help me here cause I'm losing faith that I can do this. Ok- here's the side view. It's pinned not sewn. the skirt will have an invisible zipper in the side seam. I did not pin it all the way down. As long as I'm asking questions - can someone tell me why my hind end is so pointy? And should the skirt suck in under the butt? Too many questions - never enough time. anyway - when I had this one - I though the side seams hung straight and perpendicular to the floor. Looking at the photos - they appear to hang forward? Again - what is this telling me and which change to you make first? Finally a back view- straight on from the back. Again - looking in the mirror I thought it looked good. Now from the photos (besides being dizzy) it appears that the princess seams aren't centered on my body correctly - but that could be the way I pinned the side seams. I will say - I did an awesome job matching the print around the skirt. I wish you could see it better. So - idea, suggestions? Where do I start, how do I do it?


  1. I LOVE the "pointy butt" picture! Look at your puppy, HAHAHAHA!!!

    I have no suggestions, sorry. :P Well, one. The only thing I can think about the front puckering is that maybe it is pinned a little tight across your tummy/hips? I think it's just pulling at the bias panel in the center and making it do that. Will it have a waistband? If so, and the waist fits well, you could leave enough ease to smooth out that front panel. Maybe?

  2. Okay I do have some suggestions:

    Photo 1 - either the center piece needs to be interfaced or you can interface just the seams. This should stop the puckering.

    Photo 3 - pointy butt - you need to resew the seams leaving a little more space in the waist area and gently curve the seam.

    Now I have a question Are you lining this? I think a lining and the actual zipper application will cause the skirt to hang better.

    But those are just my thoughts and maybe someone else will have more advice.

  3. Sorry I can't be of any help. If I could put my hands on it, maybe, but I can't tell from just looking at it.

  4. I was going to ask if maybe it was too loose above the puckering seams, but I don't have a lot of experience with wool. Sometimes mine pucker like that if they're a bit tight in the hip and loose between hip and waist. Then they ride up and look like I'm wearing a fanny pack under my skirt. It's not a pretty sight. Carolyn's suggestions are probably much better.

  5. I am wondering why you chose to use a bias front mid-panel and not the same for the back!

    I don't know why it puckers but you could go to "The Sewing and email Els Schroder (hope I spelt her name correctly). I am sure Els would have some good professional expert advice for you.


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