March 23, 2010

Mexican Silver

When you are staying in a place right on the beach (remind me to show you photos of the place again) you get lots of the beach vendors who spend their days walking up and down the beach in an attempt to sell 'stuff.' Some of them have good stuff and some of them just have stuff. We were advised by the "regulars" of Posada Branta Negra who to buy from and who to avoid. One afternoon I was lounging around reading a book when Mrs. Neighbor came and said JB's looking for you. He's talking to Enrico about jewelry. So I put my book down and got up. We ended up with a pretty silver bangle and some lovely hammered earrings for me - along with another bracelet not shown. Unfortunately I passed out earrings to the girls before I took crappy photos of them. I have worn both the bracelet and the earrings quite a bit. I hope The Musical One, The Princess and Miss L. enjoy their Mexican Silver as much as I'm enjoying mine.


  1. In Acapulco there were so many vendors and beggers that it got really annoying but I did get some nice jewelry, too.

  2. Well, heck, silver jewelry, especially bracelets could be enough to make me want to go!

  3. Lovely! I'm glad you got some pieces that you're enjoying.


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