March 22, 2010

Long Done!

It was brought to my attention that I had started a crocheted afghan many many years ago. Maybe around 7 or so. I pulled it out of hiding and it was way more done than I had thought. The afghan is made of 5 rows of blocks. 3 rows have 5 blocks and the remaining rows have 6 blocks each. I decided when I started crocheting this to mix the light and dark blocks and put them in their own rows. Anyway- when I put it away, I had 3 rows completely done, and the 6 blocks with the light centers had 2 colors done, and the last 5 blocks where only the dark centers. I spent 2 evenings crocheting the remaining rounds. Then another 3 nights sewing this sucker up. After that I did 2 rounds around the outside edge. It just makes it a bit more finished - in my opinion. Anyway - it's done now and there is no more Red Heart in my house. It's a nice warm, machine wash throw that will make a great gift - don't judge.


  1. 7 years? Don't worry - I finished sewing up a baby's cardigan 2 nights ago that I knitted 19 years ago!

    The afghan throw looks great with the contrasting light and dark centres, just right to snuggle under.

  2. I think it's lovely, and having it machine washable only increases its functionality!

  3. My mom started a sweater for me before I was born and finished it when I was three years old. Didn't fit.

    We have no yarn shop here so I don't have access to some of the wonderful yarns I read about. I have acrylic yarns that I work with all the time. I'm also allergic to wool and knitting with your hands itching is no fun.

  4. It's pretty! I made one afghan a zillion years ago, and never again. It just takes too long. One of my grandmothers, however, turned them out like there was no tomorrow. One year she made 10, one for each grandchild. I still have mine, or, should I say, my eldest daughter does.

  5. Good grief, how did I get so far behind on my blog reading??!!

    The afghan is lovely!! I have done lots of acrylic afghans & love every one of them. And the ones I gave as gifts are loved too. Who wants an afghan you have to pamper? Good job on getting it finished! I have several that I un-buried when I did my room that I need to get finished...hmmm.... maybe I could send them to you to finish up! SNOL


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