January 28, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Remember back in August when I found that fabulous bead that screamed at me to purchase it? Well - this is a lady at my knitting group who makes jewelry. She took my bead and brought me back this fabulous necklace. (I know I really, really need to learn to take better photos. Anna and her designs can be found on her website and her etsy shop.) There are 2 strands of Czech glass beads coming from the center hole in the bead. Those two strands are mixed with crystals and silver beads and the silver chain is adjustable. In the smallest position, it hangs perfectly right between my collar bones. I love it! Knitting group is awesome!


  1. I've always thought it would be fun to make jewelry. When they invent a 36 hour day, I might fit it in.

  2. Very nice. Yes indeed, knitting group is awesome.

    I belong to a virtual knitting group. You may have heard of it - the stash sock club. The members are awesome too.

  3. Lovely! And are those JB's sock blockers?! LOVE the grain...

    I'm going to steal Sandy's idea and quit telling people I don't have a knitting group. It's not my fault my favorite knitters live all over the dingdang place.

  4. I remember that bead.... the necklace turned out really pretty! Now we need a photo of you wearing it. :P

  5. Great necklace! And a great friend for helping you. :-)

  6. Thanks for the plug!! I should really check up on all my crafty friends more often.

    And, yeah, knitting group rocks!


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