January 26, 2010

Packages on the Porch - Part 1

Friday when I got home - I noticed that there were packages on my front porch. Hmm - I was expecting a couple of things - but they should have fit in the box. What could it be? Well it was these lovely hot pads from Debbie! See - I sent her a little part for her sewing machine she was wanting and I had an extra of and in turn she sent me these lovely quilted hot pads. Now she had been making a big deal out of the card I sent with the ankle - but look at the card she sent me! Isn't that adorable? it's an antique sewing machine. But the best part? These hot pads are completely machine washable and they're huge! So no missing the edges and the grabbing the pan with my fingers any more. I used them tonight and even JB noticed. He asked where I got new hot pads. Thanks Debbie this will get lots of use.


  1. Those are nice! I use the Pampered Chef oven mitts, which go to the elbow, because my dearly beloved is nutsy-phobic over me burning myself. (And, no, it's never happened.) Machine washable is such a great bonus!

  2. My potholders are all so old that they are falling apart. A few have been chewed over the years. I guess it's about time to replace them.

  3. We love big, thick potholders too. Yay! And that card is darling. I remember a sewing machine like the one on the card from somewhere in my childhood...

  4. No, thank YOU! :-) I made a couple for us too, without the hanging loops since we shove ours in a drawer. This kind of fast piecing and quilting I can handle without worry. But that big one I'm working on ... whew! LOL!


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