December 20, 2009

Where I Sew

Carolyn posed the question on her blog - Where do you sew? Do you face the wall or the window?
Well - when I first moved the studio to the basement - I had my machines facing the window out into the dog yard. But then, I found out that Lucy would eat stuff if I left the room or went out of town to retreat. So, when I rearranged the furniture to be able to block her out - I put the desk with my machines on it in the middle of the room, facing neither the window or the wall. I face the room. When I'm standing at the cutting table - I face the wall - but there's also a window right there.
So - where do you sew and does your "view" inspire you or keep your production down?


  1. I think that is a lot of my problem. My sewing table faces the wall and I hate facing a wall. Lately I've been dragging my old machine out and setting it on a table in the middle of the room. It feels better. I don't like having things going on behind my back and I feel like I've been stuck away in a corner, out of sight.

  2. Well, that most assuredly isn't my problem. The two times I've used the sewing machine I do happen to own, I dragged it to the dining room table (which is actually in the great room), so there were doors and windows everywhere, with one wall behind me.

    Which makes me wonder... where is my sewing machine?

  3. Not that I've used it recently, but my sewing machine and serger face the middle of the room. Cuts down on the isolation. Well, it would if anyone else lived here, LOL. I really should do some sewing, huh?

  4. I'm fortunate to have the use of one of our bedrooms as my sewing studio. The bedroom has two windows - one facing north and one facing west. So depending on which I look out I get a view of nature or a view of my neighbors kitchen. Guess which one I choose :-)

    That's funny that you had to change the arrangement to keep Lucy from eating stuff. My two like to root around in the trash bin filled with thread and fabric scraps so I need to remember to move the trash to the sewing table when I leave the room.


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