December 1, 2009

One Down - 3 To Go!

Stocking that is! The foot looks a bit squat and wide - but it would be huge if it was proportional.
My knitting was so tight that I added 32 stitches to the cast on. Well - if you all have been paying attention - you know I like details in odd numbers - so that added 1 snowflake to the top making 3 visible.
I also did 5 rows of the tiny snowflakes rather than the 4 the pattern calls for. I moved stitches around to center the heel over the cast on. Then I worked the foot in the main color and the toe in white.
I copied someone else on Rav and added the little border detail to outline the foot and toe. I added some extra yarn to the top and braided it together with the tail left from the cast on, tied a knot and left a fringe. Then I stitched it securely to the sock for hanging. I've already started on the purple one.


  1. Very cute. I love making Christmas stockings.

  2. Nice stocking! I like the modifications you made.

  3. One stocking for every member of the family?

    My Kellie loves the numbers 3 and 7. She must have either 3 or 7 ice cubes in a glass of water. I like odd numbers, too; it makes it easier to find a center line. Not that I know why I'd want a center line in most things, but...And not in pockets. 3 pockets would just be weird.

  4. Pretty!! I swear, I'm going to have to learn to knit. That would be a good winter, lying in my snuggy, project. :D

  5. Pretty! Maybe I'll knit the Knight a stocking one of these years...

  6. Beautiful! What pattern did you use. I keep thinking about making them but never seem to get to it. Plus, I suffer from knitter's boredom and hate to repeat so i would probably get one done and quit!

  7. oh it's darling, g!

    odd numbers of things are always more graphic-ly pleasing.

    i haven't read your blog in ages! nice to sit down and catch up with you.


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