November 3, 2009

Thank You Bubbles!

I am a very, very bad blogger! On Friday night when I got home there was a wee tiny box sitting just inside the front door. JB looked at me and said - you have more boxes! Well I very carefully cut through the roll of tape holding it closed and look at all the lovely goodies inside! First there was a fantastically scary dog card. Just under that - some 3 Irish Girls yarn
I bought from Jessi as part of a destash sale she had (do click on the link - she also dies yarn and she has some absolutely stunning semi-solids up right now).
She also sent along some birthday goodies. There was a lovely lemon grass soap that Beau couldn't stop smelling - I've put it upstairs so he won't eat it - that wouldn't be good on his surgically altered tummy I'm sure.
But the best? That fabulous blue yarn - it freakin sparkles! It's a lovely semi-solid and has a nice tight twist - I wonder what it will tell me it wants to be. Thank you - Jessi - I love it all.


  1. You're building quite a nice stash lately.

  2. More fabulous goodies. I already clicked over to the 3 Irish Girls website because I love the name then I saw all the colorways and HOLY HANNAH am I going to be on that site quite a bit today. Love the lemongrass soap - a bit jelly of that. I love lemongrass - to eat and to clean myself with!

  3. I'm glad you like everything. Those soaps are my secret addiction. I got a sample several years back in one of my Woolgirl club kits and I've been hooked ever since. Such a nice vendor, too!

  4. he he, love the scary dog card. :)

    Lovely yarn!!

  5. Sparkles are good. I can't wait to see what it wants to be. I am truly grateful that Thor has never wanted to eat soap (but he attacks wrapping paper with gusto if we don't have someone on collection duty when presents are opened).

  6. Another package?! Love the yarn colors. You are one lucky duck with all this birthday joy being sent your way!

  7. Nice yarn!'re allowed to knit with it this year, LOL!


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