November 17, 2009

More Birthday Love

The Princess came home for a long weekend on Thursday. Thursday afternoon she sent me a text saying I had a box. This box was from CoffeeYarn and I was excited before I even opened it!
We had planned on having salmon for dinner on Thursday and I knew there would be fresh bread to have with it. You don't
get photos of that because it's almost gone!
Also in the box: a lovely card, some stickers to identify who's wine glass is whose, a puffy basset scrap booking sticker, fun candles, kettle puff-corn, treats for the dogs, a knitting pattern - and my favorite - Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.
I have been itching to bake bread all summer and now that the cold weather is upon us, I'm ready. I'm taking this book to bed with me to study up and hopefully soon - I'll be making my own fresh bread to serve with soup and stews for yummy filling week night dinners!
Thank you so much - everything is fabulous and I can't wait to try out your recommended bread recipes.


  1. Ummm... nothing like the smell of bread baking. My dogs line up for it while it's still hot and even my birds like it.

  2. I guess the Puff corn must have been a hit too, since there is no picture of it either! I am so glad you all enjoyed everything.
    (So let me double check this, when you were told there was a box from me, you knew without even being home to look at it, that there would be bread in it? What? Am I predictable or something?)
    Happy belated once again!

  3. I bought that book a month ago after reading a great review of it somewhere. Let me know if you try it!!

  4. I LOURVES Barbara's bread! And of course she is predictable, and she knows that we will all be disappointed if we get a package from her without bread in it. SNOL

    Nice goodies in the box too. :)

  5. Okay, I have to point out that my DOGS sit at or on top of boxes from Anita, Barbara, Gaylen and Nichole, until I open them, at which point they begin trying to stick their heads into the boxes. Pot, meet Kettles. Even if you fail to send pup treats, they find the mere essence of you and your pets treat enough.

  6. I have to hear your review of that book. I've been debating buying it. Though I did get Peter Reinhart's new one, "Artisan Breads Every Day", in the mail last week. Looks very good, but definitely NOT five minutes a day.

  7. Mmm...Coffee Yarn's bread is nummy. I'm jealous.


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